A group of men with thick, possibly European accents came to the clinic one day in the late summer of 2004. She went back to see Weinberger, and he told her to relax and give the surgery time to work. U.S. District Judge Philip Simon last week approved moving the Merrillville nose doctor, who admitted performing fake operations on. Still equipped with his flair for romantic drama, he took their relationship to a new level on Valentines Day 2009, when he arrived at Monicas apartment bearing a single rose. He graduated from STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK / HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT BROOKLYN / COLLEGE OF MEDICINE in 1971. But he also spent stretches of time in a tent by himself on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps, apparently proving to himself that he was able to survive. At the end of September he came up with the idea of living at relatively high altitude for a year and writing a book about the experience, which he hoped would give him enough money to settle with Monica in Grindelwald and maybe even adopt children. You should do some good in your community. Invariably, after an hour at dinner together, mother and son would be fighting. In fact, he evaded capture until the authorities found him hiding in a tent at the Carabinieri station, below Mont Blanc, in the snowy European Alps, in late 2009. "I think hes still showing and exhibiting the same level of awfulness that he was earlier, which leads me to believe he hasnt learned anything.". On Monicas 39th birthday, December 10, Weinberger came down from his tent, and they went skiing together. The case was put on hold while an international manhunt for Weinberger was underway. He was born in the year 1963 but, we do lack info on his month and day of birth. Mark Weinberger disappeared in 2004 while vacationing in Greece with his . When she returned, every room of the town house had video cameras and a safe. He would yell at nurses in his office, telling them they were fat because they were eating pizza. Since prison, Weinberger seemed to have dabbled in crypto currency on YouTube, referring to himself as Mark W. Weinberger did not respond to NBC Newss numerous requests for an interview. In June, Mark was transported from a low-security facility in Coleman to a Florida contract center, which falls under the Federal Bureau of Prisons Miami Residential Re-entry Management office. Boxes began to be delivered, 30 or 40 in total. See all Cardiothoracic Surgery in West Palm Beach, FL, Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Implantation, Cardiac Catheterization (incl. Dr. Mark Weinstein, MD. He graduated from University of Texas- San Antonio Long Medical School in 1973 and specializes in dermatology. He was placed in the Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Such an effort wouldnt surprise heranother self-deluded vision by a man who will never run out of them, regardless of how many people he damaged and devastated. ", "I think its awful," Kayla said. . Both intrepid, they went off the usual course into the woods, and from that day on skied together as much as they could. As per some online sources, she used to work in the small grocery in Courmayeur. American Greed profiles a multi-million dollar tale of deception! Or maybe it is just that he looks so relaxed, at ease, not a care in the world. A native of Miami, FL, and before arriving at Health First, he worked on the staff of hospitals in the greater Miami, FL area. "They only got 10 percent," said Thomas, noting that 90 percent of the tumor is still inside her daughter. Fax: 650-320-9443. Instead, during one of their next jaunts in the Mediterranean, they docked at Marbella, where they went to Versace and Weinberger spent tens of thousands of dollars on the latest styles for both of them. He was given a sentence of seven years of imprisonment by the court. in 2002, and he specialized in sinus surgery. Dr. He refused my repeated requests for an interview. The third result is Mark Stanley Weinberger age 70s in Pembroke Pines, FL in the Ameritrail neighborhood. The blue-collar population in the area, largely unionized, also had something that is believed to have been essential to Weinbergers plans for his practice: health insurance, of which he accepted any and all kinds. In 2004, many lawsuits were filed against Dr. Mark Weinberger due to his direct association with multiple healthcare frauds. He has earned his medical qualifications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Family medicine doctors are primary-care physicians. He said he had a DVD for her to look at to gain pointers. With such obvious abnormality, Dr. Weinberger would almost have had to intentionally ignore this situation in order to have missed it as badly as he did, her lawyer, Kenneth J. Allen, stated in a filing on behalf of Barnes. While the spouses of three years were celebrating on a yacht, Weinberger disappeared without a trace. >> we went out to (He perversely gave his birthday as February 5, which had been the due date for his and Michelles baby before the miscarriage.) "I did it because when he decided to run there were other doctors that were like, hey Ill take care of you. She looked for him all over Mykonos. 7,752,060 and 8,719,052. They were the kings and queens of chopped liver, thanks to a recipe created by Mark Weinbergers grandmother Sylvia with what The New York Times called in her 1995 obituary a sprinkling of matzoh meal, a pinch of salt and a dollop of schmaltzmanship. That story began when she made chopped liver for a luncheonette she and her husband had opened in 1944 in the Bronx. He is now a free man, per NBC Chicago, and he is currently living in West Palm Beach. The parallels to Christopher McCandless, the doomed protagonist of Jon Krakauers best-selling nonfiction narrative Into the Wild and Sean Penns movie adaptation, were inescapable. It was her life. However, instead of doing that, he exploited them to the best of his abilities and then absconded. Copyright 2023 Healthgrades Marketplace, LLC, Patent US Nos. He had an 80-foot yacht called the Corti-Seas, worth roughly $4 million. Born in 1963 to Fred and Fanny Weinberger, Mark Weinberger graduated from the well-regarded Scarsdale High School before deciding to attend the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Medicine at UCLA. On September 16, 2004, Phyllis Barnes died. That day she accompanied Mark back to the Val Ferret, where he headed off to his tent. He struck Monica as sincere and honest. 39, down a series of steps and below street level. So too, in all likelihood, was the enlargement of the lymph nodes in her neck. When he returned to the United States, Weinberger was facing over 300 malpractice lawsuits in Indiana. Mark, according to Michelle, had tried to impress his mother with his academic accomplishments. Dr. Mark Weinberger used to be a well-known and established sinus surgeon in Merriville, who was later arrested and convicted for committing multiple medical malpractices. He regaled Fanny with stories of trips taken all over the world courtesy of NetJets (the private-jet service that is somewhat akin to a time-share), and she responded by saying, You should donate your money to charity. When she had the follow-up D&C procedureanother very emotional timeMark missed it, arriving only afterward. But, according to court testimony, the picture that Weinberger had shown him had not been of his own sinus cavity. Mark also had particular sexual desires when it came to marriage. Dr. Mark Weinberger was a successful surgeon hiding a secret from his medical staff and from his adoring wife. Others . Mark Weinberger was born to Fred and Fanny Weinberger as one of three boys, on May 22, 1963. That same month, Michelle went to the American Psychological Association Convention in Hawaii. 142 Clark Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90048: 142 Clark, Los Angeles, CA 90048: 1481 40Th St, Allentown, PA 18104: . All rights reserved, Norfolk Southern Train Derails in SW Ohio, Residents Asked to Shelter in Place as a Precaution, Illinois Secretary of State's Office Offers REAL IDs at World of Wheels This Weekend, New Ranking Names Most Expensive Cities In Illinois and These Chicago Suburbs Top the List, Buc-ee's, a Texas-Based Convenience Store Chain, Proposes First Wisconsin Location, Body of Missing Genoa Man Recovered From River: Authorities, These Starved Rock Tiny Cabins Are Perfect For a Weekend Getaway. All Rights Reserved. Claiming is free and only takes a minute. After two years of being on the run, a federal grand jury in Indiana indicted Weinberger on 22 counts of health care fraud for overbilling insurance companies for surgical procedures that were not needed or never done. King Charles Reportedly Began Evicting Meghan and Harry the Day After, Report: Trump Thinks Hes Just a Few Mean Nicknames Away From Convincing Ron DeSantis Not to Run Against Him, Fuck Biden, Dont Tread on Me, and a Wisconsin Death Trip for Our Times. On the other hand, Fred was immensely proud of Mark and even went as far as to lend him money to expand his practice. He also did what he had done in hundreds of other cases, lawyers have asserted: drilled holes into Boyers sinuses that ultimately did nothing to alleviate his problems and may have worsened them. Scene Stealer: The True Lies of Elisabeth Finch, Part 2. Dr. Weinberg's office is located at 421 Northlake Blvd Ste F, North Palm Beach, FL 33408. She thought she might have pneumonia, and she saw Weinberger once more, but he said he did not treat pneumonia and told her to go to an emergency room. . While Weinberger was doing all that he could for years in order to evade capture, the former doctor is now a free man. By the time Mark was convicted, he had already spent nearly three years in prison, meaning that he could be released as early as 2017. In the years since he had opened his own practice, the "Nose Doctor" had recommended unnecessary nose procedures to his patients. Fred was particularly proud that Mark was scientific-minded, as he himself was. Be the first one to comment on this story. Male |. On this occasion, he got to the Piazza before Michelle and hired singers to serenade her as she arrived. The plea deal he struck with federal prosecutor Diane Berkowitz was for a four-year sentence, or roughly two months for each count. Soon there was an incredible array in his office, a survivalists wet dream, virtually all of it kept in a room that employees called the scary room: three portable-shower kits, a waterproof wallet and passport holder, a set of plates, cups, and cutlery in its own netting, two small compasses, a portable vinyl sink, a portable headlight, a five-language translator, a pocket weather tracker, a Garmin color map navigator with European software, an anti-microbial water bottle, a bubble-padded sleeping mat, backpacks, thermal underwear, a knit hat, glove liners, and much more. Mark Weinberger has been found again. People can say all they want about him: that hundreds of patients in northwestern Indiana are walking around with worthless holes in their sinuses which he put there using an outdated surgical procedure, and that he has billed insurance companies for a myriad of operations that one medical expert says he could only have performed with twelve hands in the 25 minutes his notes indicate the surgeries took. Hes the middle child, with his brothers being Jeff, the oldest, and Neil, the youngest. 325. Monica was astonished and confused. They have also lived in Hialeah, FL. I was throwing up all the time," Kayla recalled. He is affiliated with Good Samaritan Medical Center. Please double-check when making an appointment. A colleague suggested that she go see Dr. Weinberger, that maybe her problem was sinus-related. Mark had stopped paying rent on his apartment. He has left behind a trail unlike that of any previous doctor in the U.S., one in which he saddled a wife with more than $6 million in debts and pushed his own father into deep financial trouble; left behind mountains of public documents claiming that in the name of sheer greed he performed hundreds of sinus-related surgeries that not only were completely unnecessary but also made some patients conditions worse; left behind accusations that he scared patients into having surgery by showing them hideous but phony images of their supposed conditions; left behind alleged misdiagnoses in which he failed to detect throat cancer in a woman who subsequently died, and missed the tumor on the pituitary gland of an eight-year-old girl while giving her sinus surgery she never should have had, because her sinuses were not yet fully formed; left behind a criminal indictment in federal court on 22 counts of health-care fraud; left behind more than 350 malpractice suits that have been filed against him; left behind a court deposition in which an eminent medical expert called him a disgrace to his profession and the worst doctor hed ever encountered. (He also read Crime and Punishment.) He was sentenced to seven years in federal prison. and neither is ken allen, a man who was weinberger's chief nemesis before he vanished and later became one of his most persistent pursuers. That would change, especially following the opening of the new clinic, which, at least in hindsight, seems almost to have been designed to facilitate risky medicine. . Mark Weinberger, 40; Nark Weinberger; Alan Weinberger, 77; View Profile . dr. mark weinberger was never shy about telling the people of northwest indiana who he was and what he was about. He gave her a thousand dollars a week in spending money, leaving it on the kitchen counter as if she were a prostitute. He eventually opened his own practice in Merrillville, Ind. The software in the computer system was such that even before a patient left the office a bill was already on its way to the insurance company. The company was dissolved in 1989, but the chopped liver still lingers, having earned mentions in exhibitions at the American Jewish Historical Society and at the National Museum of American Jewish History. On February 25 of this year, Mark Weinberger was extradited to the United States. She saw several other doctors: one said she had a virus; another said it was bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics. She knew what she had instinctively suspected since she woke up: he had vanished. I wanted him to serve the consequences for his actions," Kayla said. More than 500 men claim that when they attended a Florida reform school, they suffered horrifying beatings and sexual abuse. As part of his plea agreement, any profits from a film or book must go toward restitution. 10002 Rockaway Blvd Fl 2, Ozone Park, NY . In 2005 his medical license was revoked by the state of Indiana, and he was indicted in absentia by a federal grand jury for health-care fraud. The line went dead. This way of living represented a wholesale re-invention, given the excessive lifestyle that had been his addiction when he still practiced medicine and lived in Chicagothe only way of proving to himself his worth and success, some believe. I am a surgeon and I am divorced, Weinberger said. Dr. Michael Weinberger, MD is a Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialist in West Palm Beach, FL and has over 52 years of experience in the medical field. Florida (8) Georgia (2) Maryland (2) Massachusetts (1) Michigan (2) Minnesota (2) Missouri (1) Montana (1) New Jersey (9) New York (18) Oregon (1 . With a practice in Merriville, Indiana, the once-renowned rhinoplasty specialist was apprehended in 2009, after which he pleaded guilty to 22 charges of healthcare fraud. . View the map. A list of accepted insurance providers is available on the Healthgrades insurance check. One night in early 2000, Weinberger was at a club called Glow in Chicago when he met Michelle Kramer, then 25. The judge sentenced Weinberger nearly 18 months after rejecting a plea deal that called for a four-year prison sentence, saying he wasn't confident it took into account the magnitude of the. But this morning something did not feel right. Lived In Hialeah FL. Phyllis Barnes was 47 years old and employed helping recently laid-off steelworkers find new jobs when she went to see Weinberger in September of 2001. Later on, he opened his own private clinic in Merriville. The concentration of airborne pollutants could often lead to sinus problems, which became Weinbergers specialty. They did not find Weinberger but did spot traces that showed where he had been. He got angry and she got angry. Mark is related to Miriam Stanley Weinberger and Jill Weinberger. In the case of the patient William Boyer, according to court testimony, Weinberger showed him an image of polyps inside his sinus cavity that were bloody, infected, and pus-filled. After attending medical school at UCLA, Mark Weinberger earned a fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was a one-stop shop: because Weinberger had his own CAT-scan machine he could read the results himself and avoid the oversight that would have come had he needed to send patients to a hospital for scans. 65% Patients that would definitelyrecommend, 5% lower than the national average. He was sent to a local hospital in Turin to recover before being extradited to the United States of America to face justice. She was a student at the University of Chicago, taking a variety of graduate courses. He remained on a supervised release for two years. At the barracks, Weinberger sat at a long table with the officers and wolfed down a bowl of pasta before anyone else was finished. Kayla Thomas was a young girl when Weinberger operated on her sinuses. He was also accused of billing insurance companies for procedures he didn't do in order to get more money. It doesnt help anything. She was struck by the lack of empathy, particularly from a physician. A little refresher: Weinberger was the charming young doctor who opened up his own sinus clinic in the suburbs of Chicago. He was a well-known sinus surgeon who disappeared halfway across the globe after being accused of medical malpractice and healthcare fraud. Mark Weinberger is staying in Florida for the near future. BY NIGHTFALL MICHELLE KNEW (Her name was shortened because it would not fit on the original labels, according to the Times.) Select this result to view Mark Anthony Weinberger's phone number, address, and more. Select this result to view Sheryl Weinberger's phone number, address, and more. we were just making jokes about the medical milieu. His practice was likened in one document to an assembly line. As Peggy Hood, Barness sister, later put it in a deposition, I feel like he had just treated everybody the same and didnt treat them as individuals You went in, you got a sinus operation, you left.. Montefiore Medical Center - Moses Division, STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK / HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT BROOKLYN / COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, Help Millions of people find the right doctor and care they need, Get immediate care and visit with providers from the comfort of your home, or anywhere, Urgent care centers can be faster and cheaper for situations that are not life threatening, Doctors and patients discuss the latest medical treatments and health tips, Search prescription drugs for why theyre used, side effects and more. Read More:Where is Michelle Kramer Today? . Weinberger, who billed himself as . Boca Raton, FL, 33487. Dateline: Secrets Uncovered revisited the case of Mark Weinberger in episode 9 of the show's Season 3. She endured years of painful treatment for her tumor, studied incredibly hard, and after medical school shell become both an internist and pediatrician, not because of Weinberger, but in spite of him. . At the time, she did not believe that he would ever do anything that was not medically warranted. They found cans of food. The Corti-Seas finally arrived the next day. He left her with more than $6 million in liabilities that she would list when she filed for bankruptcy a year later, in October 2005. In several instances, Weinberger missed tumors in favor of performing sinus operations. Use of this website and any information contained herein is governed by the Healthgrades User Agreement. In 1996, after completing his fellowship, Mark had begun practicing as an ear-nose-and-throat surgeon in Merrillville, Indiana, roughly 30 miles from Chicago. Scene Stealer: The True Lies of Elisabeth Finch, Part 1. in pet friendly duplex for rent in san jose, ca. When they werent skiing together, he read weighty books about mountains and cosmology and philosophy and astrophysics. Weinberger complained about having to attend all the ultrasounds with her, but Michelle insisted that he accompany her when they would be able to learn their childs sex. Then in her late 30s, she had been born in Udine, in northeast Italy, and had studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He will remain on supervised release until . Mark eventually had three drivers, and his car was always on call in front of the property. Married and divorced three times, he has found serenity in his latest relationship, with an Italian woman named Monica, who runs a small grocery store. At that point Kayla had suffered more than seven years.". In September 2004, he vanished while on a vacation in Greece with his wife, leaving the latter with a massive debt of $6 million. His story was. The arrest of Dr. Mark Weinberger of Merrillville, Indiana, appeared to be the first time he had been found since he vanished in 2004 while on vacation in Europe. INDIANAPOLIS Dr. Mark Weinberger had a one-size-fits-all practice, lawyers say. The company`s management are Manager - Weinberger Mark. You cant let dying people change what the living are going to do, he said to her, but once again he changed his mind and told Michelle he loved her. Shocked and humiliated, she left the restaurant. She was also still going through the emotional effects of the miscarriage. Marks release date was then set for mid-January 2019. What are Dr. Weinberger's areas of care? Through social media posts, court records, and other primary sources, author Kathleen Hale forensically reconstructs their lives before the crime, and the night they were killed. The last significant event in the company history is ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT which is dated by 9/28/2018. Moreover, he allegedly also conducted a class on non-violence, where he scripted Socratic dialogues between prominent historical figures. He was supposed to be released in 2017. "I wanted him to pay. Robert Lowes. He was the middle child, with a birth date of May 22, 1963, and the family had a unique claim to fame: They were. He also had a fellowship at the esteemed University of Illinois at Chicago. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Read More: Where Is Dr. Mark Weinbergers Ex-Wife Now? Fortunately, Chicago doctors determined Kaylas tumor was not cancerous, but her mother said by then the scar tissue from Weinberg's needless surgery at his Weinberger Sinus Clinic in Merrillville, Indiana, made it impossible to remove. However, his whole world turned upside down in mid-2004, when multiple lawsuits were filed against him, accusing him of healthcare fraud and medical malpractice. With a printed copy of the Web-site page, she went to the Carabinieri and told them that she knew where Mark was and that they had to go get him. It was a wrenchingly difficult decision for her to turn him inshe had spent the best year of her life with him, she saysbut it had to be done, because I was raised to be sincere, because I had a civic duty, because I was also afraid. Weinberger currently sits on several boards of directors, including those of Metlife, Johnson & Johnson and Saudi Aramco. la femme dresses near milan, metropolitan city of milan. By 2004, Weinberger was dealing with several medical malpractice suits, and he was also accused of insurance fraud. Now he's out of prison and one of his patients says she can't believe what. Dr. Weinberger is affiliated with the following hospital. NBCs Dateline: A Wanted Man is an episode that examines the tale of Dr. Mark Weinberger, a sinus surgeon dubbed The Runaway Doctor after he vanished halfway across the world following the accusations against him for scaring his patients into undergoing numerous needless procedures. Lookup the home address and phone 5613188516 and other contact details for this person. Like Weinberger, Han was an ear-nose-and-throat surgeon. Italian police found Dr. Mark Weinberger living in a tent on Mount Blanc. "I always told her youre going to go away to college and no matter what, Im going to make sure it happens.". Dr. Weinberger accepts the following insurance: Respond to reviews, add information, and reach more patients. Weinberger already has spent about 37 months in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Pleasant. He grew snappish with patients, or sometimes did not answer at all when asked a question. Now everything is going to change, she remembers his telling her. In a letter to the judge asking him to reject the plea, Michelle Kramer wrote that, as the legal actions piled up against her ex-husband while he was still practicing in Merrillville, he stated that if he went to prison it would be club fed and he would do little to no time. He laughed when he discussed the treatment of white collar criminals. . "If we dont have the doctors that are willing to say, 'I will walk through this with you,' thats when we lose our humanity. Mark Weinbergeris 59 years old today because Mark's birthday is on 05/22/1963. PHYSICIAN HELPLINE. Using credit-card statements as well, she tracked him to Monaco and then to Cannes and Nice, where he continued to indulge his penchant for fine clothing. Even the refrigerator in the nurses kitchen was a Sub-Zero. Ad Choices. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida and her Doctor of Medicine from the University of South Florida. The former Northwest Indiana sinus surgeon once known as the "Nose Doctor" is living in Florida and promoting a yoga lifestyle after serving time. Weinberger told her that he had been living in Monte Carlo but had been traveling around Europe on bike. Weinberger liked being over the top, doing things differently from the common herd, so the engagement wasnt an engagement as much as it was a piece of performance art. Valerie Thomas said she stills see Weinberger in her dreams, adding, "I imagine that he had long hair and I would grab him by the hair and punch him.". He was able to evade capture until 2009. Subsequently, when officers searched the area where he had been taken into custody, they discovered not just one campsite but three. Weinberger and Michelle flew to Paris first-class on Air France; from there the entourage was taken by NetJets to Mykonos. Locked up: Weinberger was sentenced to seven years in prison after persuading patients to undergo hundreds of unnecessary surgeries to line his pocket book Weinberger has already spent nearly. She had surgery the following month, supposedly to remove excess polyps so that she could breathe more easily. But that loan would come back to haunt him after his sons disappearance, in the fall of 2004. In December 2009, Mark was found hiding in a tent atop the European alps and subsequently brought to justice. He has been in private practice in Miami since 2003 and worked as a wound care specialist. Offers may be subject to change without notice. And the fact that there were no other surgeons in the practice meant there were no peers on hand to raise suspicions, which may be why, according to court filings, at least 90 percent of the patients who came to see Weinberger were advised on their very first appointment that they needed some type of sinus-related surgery. Disneylands record-breaking regular shares his wisdom from nearly 3,000 park visits in a row, Indianapolis City-County Council proposing pet sales ban, Storms roll east after slamming South; 10 deaths reported, Chris Rock to finally have his say in new stand-up special. Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Yet, he eventually decided to settle down in Mamaroneck, New York, so that his sons could receive a proper education. He would take change from shopkeepers and throw it on the ground because he could not be bothered with it. He eventually opened his own practice in Merrillville, Ind. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Newly wed, Mark had indeed treated her like a princess, just as he had promised; their marriage was all Michelle thought it would be, and more, and she adored him. A Suspect Was Arrested for the Murder of Renee Pagel More than a Decade After Her Death, Ashley McArthur Is Behind Bars After the 2017 Murder of Taylor Wright, 8 Weirdly Specific True Crime Shows That Actually Exist. As Kayla suffered, Weinberger made millions and lived a lifestyle of the rich and famous. According to Vanity Fair, at least 90 percent of his patients were advised to get some sort of surgery done. But instead of deterring Weinbergers procedures in any way, the suit seemed to have the opposite effect, particularly after the new clinic opened. It is she who has taken the picture of him after a day in the mountains of northwestern Italy, just outside the storybook ski resort of Courmayeur. But then the trail grew cold. The next year Fred Weinberger filed for bankruptcy. Years later, when Mark became a successful doctor, he tried to converse with Fanny by telling her stories about his life. dr mark weinberger florida dr mark weinberger florida. He spent more than five years on the run from authorities before he was apprehended in a showdown that would rival any scripted TV drama. Dr. Weinberger completed her internship/residency at All Children's Hospital/University of South Fl Show More 148 New Dorp Ln Fl 2, Staten Island, NY, 10306 . (AP) A former northwesternIndiananose surgeon who pleaded guilty three years ago to 22 counts of health care fraud after disappearing while vacationing in Greece will be allowed to serve the remainder of his probation in Florida.