A RARE AND HISTORICAL FAMILY, "Representing an incredible long-term effort on the part of a single breeder, this rare Lambert family, which holds such value for the breed, is now poised at a crossroads where it could continue well into the future, or be lost forever.". ARE WAITING FOR HIM. read more. Stallion. With the help of some knowledgeable breeders, we began to investigate the nuances of getting gaited stock. Comments from the class: 1st : Entry no. ABOUT DANIEL LAMBERT new Quote from Kathyrn Bigelow The film director for Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker and Detroit. Deutsch. So for the year, Mackie was National Reserve Champion, MD for AMHA, placed in LD, was champion for CT Morgan, Champion for ECTRA MD, and won a gold medal in middle distance! as a thirty-year-old. Auction ends February 11th Ad See farm ads here http://gaitedmorgans.org/current-farm-ads/, Order your 36 page Gaited Morgan Magazine from Ryan Hunter here:mtvalleymorgans@yahoo.com, Preview our recent Gaited Morgan Magazine, GMHO Members RIDING IN THE UTAH MOUNTAINSall 11 horses. 50, has a deeper thigh and an absolutely spectacular, long and laid-back shoulder. for the Lambert Morgan family. Motion pictures. Next came SPRINGFIELD, who was raised from a colt by Mrs. Bryant. THE CLEAN BLOODED LAMBERT Watch the video of a boisterous Criterion A Baby To Play With! Gender. Missouris Stamp-On Bethel. "Criterion reminded one hauntingly of the ancient woodcuts of his famous ancestors, old Justin and Sherman in particular. Gaitedhorses Stallions at Stud Buy and sell horses on Europe's leading horse market. The history behind gait in the Morgan goes back to the 17th century with the first Irish Hobbys, Scottish Galloways and English Palfreys, all pacing horses of basically the same breed, imported into New . Cody is going to be a rather large stallion with the running walk and saddle rack as his gaits of choice. 4 : May Trade: . He is not beginner friendly and is a forward ride., Nova is a beautiful, flashy filly. Genetic color coat is E/e a/a and N/N therefore. needs no introduction as he is noted throughout the country, having been used at stud in the West for so many years and being the sire of so many "pretty" Morgans, most of them with flaxen mane and tail. You can find the answers to frequently asked question about the Morgan Breed. Announcement: Silver Suede semen is being shipped to Australia. but I predict a long and useful career for this animal who is a real asset to Australian Morgan horse breeding, both pure and partbred. Florida Morgans Open, "Marana Trinity's Kingdun" A very strong colt whom I have made Supreme Champion of this show. Save this search. FINAL DESTINATION x GENTLEMANS SECOND CHANCE: Incredible names from significant midwestern families grace the pedigree of this 16h black sport horse stallion. HEWING TO THE LINE WITH CRITERION Shed be a great prospect for 4H youth. Great horse; great trainer/rider!" Photos of contemporary and historical Lambert Morgans. The contempory foundation Morgan stallion We have preserved this ancient and rare Morgan family By Eva Hornung. WHY LAMBERTS ARE LOVED, TESTIMONIALS We have him in Oklahoma city at a Clinic where they freeze semen for overseas distribution. Geronimo is an excellent choice for your working class foundation breeding program in 2022. CRITERION Homozygous Dunskin We are committed to research, education and promotion of these Morgan horses due to their outstanding athletic abilities. Current Gaited Morgans and non gaited Morgans trace back to 19th Century as a mixture of Morgan, Saddlebred, Thoroughbred and Standardbred stock. blooded foundation Join our chat http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/GaitedMorgans/, Join us on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/362411990443593/?fref=ts. breed years ago. He has high withers, There have been over 100 DCC Vegas babies produced throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Homozygous Blue Roan, Black , Blue Roan Stallion , https://img.equinenow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/stallions/data/photos/1414646t/1641087349/pole-bending-quarter-horse.jpg, Magnum Shooter Buck- AQHA World Qualfier/ 117 Points Earned, https://img.equinenow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/stallions/data/photos/1410728t/1637517783/palomino-aqhaphba-stallion.jpg, Chicks Dig Pirates - 2x World Champion & Premier Stallion, https://img.equinenow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/stallions/data/photos/1427708t/1648827275/all-around-welsh-cob-horse.jpg. Kent and Laura Thornburg, Nebraska. Flashy 5 years old Spotted Saddle Horse VERY!!! AT HOME IN AUSTRAILIA WHERE EVA HORNUNG'S SPLENDID MARES A classic example of old Morgan type, he's strongly gaited, and a stunningly gorgeous horse. Stud fee $750 LFG. Leo We have the best of two breeding programs, The Blankenship Morgans, Truwest, and the Cross Ranch of Dubois. A sterling record for Seneca and Elaine! Representing an incredible long-term effort on the part of a single breeder, this rare Lambert family which holds such value for the breed is now poised at a crossroads where it could continue well into the future, or be lost forever. KID Broke Show and Pleasure Mare . Townshend Lass by John A . and the, CRITERION Gaited Stallions at Stud for sale 5 results Discover Gaited Stallions at Stud for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. His stud services were offered throughout the Connecticut River Valley and various Vermont locations over his lifetime. Dr. Deb Bennett the International Vegas usually produces foals, Alen's Delightful Maverick is a 2 year old 15 hand registered TWHBEA bay and white stallion who is big boned, gaited and has a great disposition. Flashy Tobiano G.. Roscoe, Illinois. From the reputation and legacy of Justin Morgan the stallions we are honored to have carry on that heritage. (Quietude Barcelona x Honor of Quietude), QUIETUDE QUIETUDE TANAGER List your stallion. Champion is not yet three years old and thus is still three years from full skeletal, dental, and sexual maturity, 15.2hh Morgan Cross There are only two pure families left in the Morgan breed today, the Lamberts and the Woodburys. Morgan Gaited Horse Classifieds by EquineNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. This sweet boy is looking for his next rider to love on him! Gaited Morgan interview starts at 47:35 marker, American Morgan Horse Association www.morganhorse.com, Morgan Single-footing Horse Association/Gaited Morgan Horse Organization, Join GAITED MORGAN HORSE ORGANIZATION since 1996, Gaited Morgan Gallery Gaited Morgan History, http://gaitedmorgans.org/current-farm-ads/. Mt Edge Chrome is a gaited Morgan stallion. He, Quietude Splendor, was foaled May 9th 2021 at the Quietude Stud in West Virginia. Judge for Equine Conformation. The North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association has named him number 1 among all competing horses at all levelsin Open Musical Freestyle. KING knew he was on exhibition and when led out by Mr. Wyma n took his place on the bank overlooking the rivers and almost said "Here I am." His sire is Quietude Olympian his dam Quietude Wild Tansy and he is a half-brother plus to the Australian Lambert star Quietude Seneca. Old Sweets lines along with mix Warner lines. We are expecting our first North foal out of LER Charli's Angel this year. You have to see this horse to appreciate him! Good neck length and attachment and superior withers structure (withers will get still higher and more sharply defined as this colt comes to full maturity). During the 1900's it would have disappeared but for J.C. Brunk who rescued it from extinction. Therefore, capable both lateral and diagonal gaits. Shopping for a morgan horse? Her latest novel: 'The "Such a rich treasure of bloodlines you have! (Quietude Barcelona x Criteria of Quietude), QUIETUDE 606 Quietude Lane, Hillsboro, WV 24946 LAMBERT HISTORY We have 7 gaited mares and a gaited stallion. This young Gaited Morgan stallion exhibits the calmness and natural gait shown since birth. Kembingur from Azur Siring Correct, Well Gaited Foals With Execllent Temperaments, https://img.equinenow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/stallions/data/photos/839629t/1652273955/gaited-icelandic-horse.jpg, Spectacular Imported Five Gaited Icelandic Stallion, Spectacular Imported Five Gaited Icelandic Stud, https://img.equinenow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/stallions/data/photos/1276900t_1.jpg%3F1645289540. Friends of Sound Horses Sound Advocate Magazine. Mary Mels Mystery is one of a handful of naturally gaited Morgan stallions left in the breed. The Gaited Morgan From the Beginning by Jackie Farmer, a founding member of our organization. Suede stands 15.3 hands and is massive. An example of the results is our Gaited Morgan stallion. Old Government and Western Working bloodlines - he's a double Stellar grandson. Jellico Creme De La CremeAKA CODY (Silvershoe Sundance x Mary Mels Peaches)2013 Cremello Stallion. He puts a nice hip and shoulder on his foals and throws a slightly higher percentage of fillies than colts. He throws flaxen a lot, and is a minimal sabino. Ridden and owned by Esther Fiddes CT. UPDATE and is all of two days shown here with his chin wiskers and all. VISIT QUIETUDE AT FACEBOOK, QUIETUDE SENECA ROCKS Signup for our printed periodicalThe Gaited Morgan Horse Organization Magazineand enjoy a lot of photos, news, trail ride stories, rancher stories, adventures, gait education and more. *US Dressage Federation All-Breeds Awards: Champion Morgan, Fourth Level Freestyle; Reserve Champion Morgan, Prix St Georges Open; Champion Morgan, Vintage Cup Prix St. Georges. The described breeding technique is used to produce our horses. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this stud horse is his quiet and gentle personality. A classic example of old Morgan type, he's strongly gaited, and a stunningly gorgeous horse. The Lambert Morgan breeding program of the Quietude Stud established by Susan and Shannon Hanley presents a remarkable study in the blending of pedigrees and rare old bloodlines which can be followed through many decades. The SynchroGait Gene A study/DNA test proved Gait is inherited from previous generations. Now standing in Aiken, South Carolina to mares of all breeds. A picture says 1,000 words. Australia. LAMBERT SPORT HORSE (Quietude Merit x Quietude Wild Tansy), QUIETUDE HIGHLAND TRACE He tests A/A in the synghro gait testing. WITH COMMENTS OF THE JUDGING BY DR DEB BENNETT, A COMPLETE COPY OF THE MORGAN MESSENGER APRIL 2020. This pair has been the lead team of our 4 in hand on sleigh, **ONLINE AUCTION** GRANDSONS & GREAT GRANDSONS Watch the video of a boisterous Criterion He has a pleasant playful and loving. During the 1800's the Lambert family was the most respected, well known and admired Morgan family in existence. Color tested Ee aa color black heterozygous, SynchroGait DNA test A/A;homozygous for the ambling and lateral gaits.