Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), Scarlet Witch (Comic), Captain America (Movies), Thor (Movies) Explicit Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings At the end of the altercation, Peter, Gmaora, Rocket and Groot are arrested by the Nova Corps. Hiccups?, Yes, hiccups. What are you- Peter cut himself off, looking down at the remains of his fingernails now covering the table (he was going to clean it up later, okay?). Wha- Gamora? He shifted his body a little bit so he could more comfortable. hell, she isn't even human. Disclaimer: I do not own marvel. Looking to turn their fortunes around, Rocket and Quill team up for a series of races where the grand prize is a ticket to a comfortable life. He's so tired. However, when Drax calls Gamora part of Ronans family, she snaps. Right? Chapter 358 - Drax the Destroyer. I am aware that in the comics Drax' daughter is called Heather but this is a movie!verse fic so I used the name given in the film. Groot was doing some sort of helpless dance in the middle of the room, shrieking, "I am Groot!" in a less than cheerful manner. paul haas beverly hills belmont county most wanted guardians of the galaxy fanfiction peter and gamora pregnant. Were losing him! Gamora called in panic, to which Drax retorted, He is right there. Groot was doing some sort of helpless dance in the middle of the room, shrieking, I am Groot! in a less than cheerful manner. Thing is, nobody told him life as a human doesn't make shit easier, even less when you've been dead on convinced being human would fix everything in your life. Work Search: I would almost suspect you guys like me.. However, you were abducted by Thanos and raised as an assassin alongside Gamora and Nebula. How could I? He asks her what the orb is, but she cuts back with another insult on how she wont engage in conversation with "an honor-less thief.". Gamora grabbed his face, her fingers forcing his eyelids open, even though they were already very much open. She said, her hands folded elegantly in her lap. Eventually, fellow prisoner Drax steps in to end Gamora's life for his personal vendetta against Ronan. This should be exciting. It's the middle of the night. Gamora makes her entrance in the light argument between Peter and Rocket. Scott Just because the universe is apparently coming to an end doesnt mean that some fun cant be had. The book that i swear to update every week! He let himself smile. Site code originally based on Storyline IO Designs 2002. Nuh-uh. You keep doing these things and making us think youre dying., Its not my fault you start panicking over everything! Bruce I have nothing to do! What noises?. You Guardians of the Galaxy (Peter Quill x Reader). With James Gunn returning to direct, the trailer hinted that Rocket Raccoons traumatic backstory could come to the fore, with the Guardians needing to rally round to support him. Rocket was right. -', Ship or Sink? Groot provides no explanation in terms that Peter can understand. What happens when they start to develop feelings? This is also only based off of the trailers, I havent read any of the comics, so sorry if im off about some things. Summary: Peter knows Gamora is the most dangerous woman in the galaxy but for some reason that makes her even more attractive in his eyes. Tell your friends about this story - short address He opens his eyes for a second, groaning. guardians of the galaxy fanfiction peter and gamora pregnant. You still have a few more hours to sleep., Maybe I should go do that in my own room, where I can die in peace., Gamora slapped him lightly on the arm. Starmora is the main romantic pairing between Peter Quill, the Leader of the Guardians and Gamora, the adoptive daughter of Thanos. Gamora while still finding Peter insufferable, grows protective of him. Peter woke up with a start. Gamora tilted her head, her dark eyes boring in Peter's. Peter nodded at his girlfriend to go ahead and Gamora turned her gaze to Groot and Rocket. You mean this? Thats why you do this., Yes, okay, I aham. He tried to bite back his laugh again, but Drax had grabbed his arm and was inspecting the area under it with one finger. Peter had a hard time replying, because in the midst of all their questions they had surrounded him and were now touching him wherever they could reach, and some spots Peter could handle better than others. Peter turns to Gamora and asks how much the orb is worth to her buyer. And what exactly would a crash course entail?, Shows us how we can tell if youre choking on something or if youre in pain or how to fix your shoulder if it breaks., And how big something has to be to block your airway, and what parts of your body you need to protect more than others, and how many ribs you actually need in order to live., And how many degrees one would have to turn your neck in order to snap it, and what this weird hole on your belly is good for, and why you keep blocking our hands when we try to touch you., Is it a method of defense? "Gamora is having your kid and when it is all over it will be worth it." WHO IS THE BAND IN THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY HOLIDAY SPECIAL? You were abducted from the playground of your school after you ran away from your temporary home. Rocket considers himself somewhat rational. Look, were a team and yes, we look out for each other, but we gotta trust that the other people know what theyre doing. Status [a innocent angel meets a flustered spiderboy] One shots with a marvel lady. Was this what his parents had felt at the moment of his birth, he wondered? She hesitates before spilling that it costs 4 billion units. gamora groot peterquill guardiansofthegalaxy drax starlord marvel rocket rocketraccoon avengers nebula thor thanos tonystark mantis ironman loki gotg captainamerica peterparker 1.1K Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 elite | peter parker by <3 220K 5K 12 The story of which when youngest Guardian and the youngest Avenger met while the universe is on fire. They were alone in there, and the last thing Peter remembered doing before passing out was trying to pick a song on his walkman, which was now resting neatly on the table. Before she leaves, Gamora turns to Peter and tells him how disgusting his ship is. He said, snuffling Meredith's hair with his nose and smiling when the little girl sneezed because his whiskers had tickled her nose. All donations are used to provide the service; no profits are made by the site owners, Something that was familiar and rare at the s 18+ CONTENT Peter chuckled and petted Rocket's head, knowing just how much he secretly enjoyed the sign of affection. A marvel AUWhere an 18-year-old female is left on earth by the Ravagers in the middle of the battle of New York. Thor He bent down and placed a gentle kiss on his daughter's wrinkled forehead and chuckled when her small hands reached up to tug at his cherry red leather coat. {Infinity War~Endgame} 3 Marvel Studios. What do we have?, Bandaids, some sort of liquid medicine for coughing, drugs for headaches-, What am I supposed to do? Gamora shoots her gaze from Peter to Drax, unsure of Peters success while she is in a chokehold. She said, holding out a green hand. He is nervous and unable to connect his witty gestures well with literal Drax, but he makes a compelling argument to keep Gamora alive. "We would be honoured if you two boys would consent to be Meredith's godparents." They were both adopted by someone outside of their species. This was gonna be a long day, but at least his hiccups were gone. Meanwhile Groot's smile remained firmly in place but a small pink flower grew from his hand which he lifted and tucked behind baby Meredith's ear. Her skin was an emerald green just like her mother's but her hair was the same shade as her father's. Just be Rafe Cameron Imagines [@twinklelilstarkey]. You cant deny that. They grew up under their "fathers" rules and believing their fathers never loved them, however, Yondu and Thanos both love them as if they were their own children. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. You can reques Takes place after endgame, Peter Quill is determind to find Gamora. He swallowed back laughter as they tried to touch his ribs and stomach, his body automatically choreographing a dance in order to get away from the prodding fingers. To retrieve the Soul Stone, one must sacrifice the soul of someone they love. Scroll down if you still wish to read it. peter quill can suck his own dick and i attempted to smush some vague plot in there. Will she help them defeat Loki and the Chitauri? However, the Gamora we see in Guardians 3 is an alternate version who was brought to Earth when Thanos invaded in the final moments of Avengers: Endgame. They just observe in bored fascination. Request are open. Just a half-Terran and the deadliest women in the universe on the same team. So Peter had trusted Groot to take care of his lover and to safely deliver their child. Sam Things escalate from there. Drax, Rocket and Groot on the other hand. Gamora Enough so that when he has a gig to deliver a magic artifact to a buyer, he totally doesn't touch it and wish for the pain to stop. Peter Parker x Male OC These imagines were written by me, on my main Tumblr blog. , Peter is thinking a lot since he met his fluffy partner. Forget it. Gamora's always the one who ends up saving Peter. )Usually, he'd be rational, maybe he drank too much. Title says it all: a bunch of one shots about my favourite marvel ships. But a job that the Guardians thought they'd complete with ease turns into a job that uncovers not just Xandar's grittiest conspiracies, but also, worst of all, the Guardians' FEELINGS. Starmora is the main romantic pairing between Peter Quill, the Leader of the Guardians and Gamora, the adoptive daughter of Thanos. As if Rocket wasn't already having a hard time keeping his feelings for Quill buried, now he has to deal with a job that forces him to confront pain he has tried his best to forget. Space. Suddenly, Drax spots Peter flying to the ship majestically, and he and Gamora each put an arm around one of Peters to pull him into the ship. A story of Peter and Gamora as a couple as they go through their junior year of high school together. Chapter 353 - Peter Quill. Gamora is visually irritated by this, but she complies. Little do the band of " ; Please consider turning it on! But its getting a little old, and quite frankly, stressful., So give us a crash course on Terran physiology. Shed sounded so genuinely enthusiastic when shed said it that Peter didnt have it in him to protest, which had been his initial reaction. Peter grinned and wrapped his arms around his two girls in pure contentment, his heart bursting with pride. guardians of the galaxy fanfiction peter and gamora pregnant costco crushed tomatoes. Peter leaned back in his chair. Drax has a literal mindset, and is not a character who sees nuance in things. Am 7. Please consider turning it on! Portrayed by She begins to question how hell get there, but he brushes her off as he starts to leave. Where is the first aid kit? Olivia Stark did not expect or want to fall for the Mad Titan but you can't choose who you love ! Starmora (+ Their baby) Fanfic :) They involve Peter Quill who you don't want to trick, (Name) Quill who will break you're arm you look at funny, Gamora that will stab you if you get on her bad side, Drax that doesn't . - Guardians of (Completed) Blame Game, a guardians of the galaxy fanfic | FanFiction "Peter, Peter, wake up," is the first thing he hears when brought out of a downright blissful sleep. Half an hour later, the new parents called the rest of the gang in to introduce them to their new addition. After all, the tree humanoid loved drinking from fountains and could only say three words of English but according to Rocket he was actually a genius of his own kind and had many skills other than his strength and regenerative powers. She then questions his motives. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page. Chapter 355 - Xandar. That sums it up right? He reached out and took Gamora's hand in his own, his fingers interlinking with hers as she drew him closer to the bed and to the sleeping little bundle on her chest. ' . PETER AND GAMORA'S FIRST TIME All characters and locations are owned by Marvel Bette Davis Eyes is written by Donna Weiss and Jacki DeShannon Peter Quill took a last minute look around the suite, making sure every last detail was perfect. 3 Compliant, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Video Game 2021), The Price of Paradise (and Power, and Prestige), Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Video Game), SPOILERS for the Guardians of the Galaxy Game, A Whole Lot of Plot For the Excuse of Writing Gay Shit. - Avengers + Bucky and Loki 3 dropped on December 1, 2022 as Marvel showcased several projects at Brazil Comic Con. Summary: On vacation, Gamora gives Peter Quill an unexpected surprise. Gamoras absence in both Thor and the Holiday Special is particularly hard on Peter Quill as he has been left out of sorts since she disappeared. Post Infinity War AU tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Not sure what will be in this book. guardians of the galaxy fanfiction peter and gamora pregnant Posted on June 7, 2022 . Here is an overview of marvel ships. But cutting your nails is normal, I swear.. I will try my best on them PART TWO OF "Starmora: Decimation" The guardians are on xandar on a vacation from saving thw galaxy. When the group pauses their walk, Peter is distracted as he sees a guard mess with his beloved music player. He warns the guard that its his property and to put it down. For each challenge, this "mixtape" will have an A SIDE - a more conventional fanfic style, and B SIDE - my take on it. Work Search: {completed}. Written In The Stars: Peter Quill X Reader. Gamora is alive in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. [Naruto/Avengers Crossover][Various!Naruto x Reader] After the Endgame, (Y/n) (L/n) unintentionally became the possessor and user of the Mind Stone. He rubbed his thumb against it, felling a spark of life growing inside. peter quill can suck his own dick it's true i saw it, nsfw fics ive written anonymously bc im a blushing damsel, The Rise and Fall of Rocket Raccoon and the Dumbass from Earth, Rocket Raccoon & Guardians of the Galaxy Team, but more action and less romance until the very end. But with her being of the grid and not knowing who he actually is, will they ever even find eachother A few months after the battle with Ronan, the Guardians are sent on a mission to retrieve a powerful weapon from the hands of a group of Sakaarans. Act 3: Road to Knowhere. left kudos on this work! -explain what the hell is going on? He says after that she has no idea how bad it really is in a proud manner. All Characters Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. En route to the starship, Star-Lord plays one of his favorite songs called Come and Get Your Love for the entire crew to listen.He's enjoying the music and lip-syncs to it . We must have! Gamora yelled much too close to his ear, and he found himself recoiling. You have reached the end of "Peter and Gamora's First Time". So they wont get too long and bother you or rip off in a painful manner?. developers, or authors from publishing works on this site. Shipping, ships; a part of today's society. Peter explains this quickly he just cares about the orb, and the money it costs. Wave a magic wand and make something better appear out of thin air?. I wouldnt put it past me either. The guardians are on xandar on a vacation from saving thw galaxy. New villains in the form of Adam Warlock, who was teased in Guardians Vol. She elaborates that shed never partner with Peter stemming from her moral prejudices of lowlife thievery. Meanwhile, Peter navigates the complexities of crushing on his friend slash teammate. will you ever find your way out alive, without any lingering pain, without the bitter aftertaste? guardians of the galaxy fanfiction peter and gamora pregnant. A story where the Guardians of the Galaxy, in an action of altruism, entangle themselves in a civilization-threatening conspiracy. Despite his kind demeanor and nudging tone, Gamora reverses the scenario asking how much he trusts her. Last but not least Drax entered the room, looking happy but with a hint of sadness at the memories that such a scene evoked. "you could always check out this book! On the ship, Rocket questions how Peter will get to the ship, but Gamora gives the frustrated answer that she didnt know. She elaborates her priorities are with the orb. as well as Brash space adventurer Peter Quill and his best friend, (y/n) (l/n), find themselves in the quarry of relentless bounty hunters after they steal an orb coveted by Ronan. Another loud shriek from Gamora had Peter tensing where he stood but once again he was reassured by his comrades (he still wasn't used to referring to them as his friends). Clint "But hey, I guess she is pretty damn adorable for a human." Stay with me, Quill!, Gamora grabbed his face, her fingers forcing his eyelids open, even though they were already very much open. Marked as complete, because all the chapters are standalone, but otherwise, it's still ongoing. In which two very distant individuals learn to dream, forming an intense connection transcending temporal boundaries. Groot came in first, a wide smile plastered on his face as he beheld the picture that the new family made. Peter and Rocket have to share a hotel room, but there's only one bed. "Gamora is having your kid and when it is all over it will be worth it." She rejects Rockets idea of blowing up moons when hes explaining the things hes made from Peters ship. I wouldnt put it past you to keep an injury or an illness from us until it became too much., He crossed his arms, his defensiveness dying on his tongue when she sent him a look. Both met when they were outside the Broker's office on Xandar and, later, they attack each other. Rocket and Drax rush out with their stuff while Peter rifles through his belongings, Gamora behind him, to ensure he still has the orb.