i accidentally killed my dog

How he cried for help when I couldnt do anything. "What a deal!" you think, as you lift him into the back seat. Rest In Peace my perfect Angel. Im hurting so bad but, its nothing compared to her life to being taken from her without option. How will I ever be able to forgive my dog? You should feel bad. I wish I could get justice for Buttercup and for myself. The bottom line is that my vet missed these disease processes that there was evidence for. They gave me the medications and we went home. She preferred to be left to her own devices and not a lot of fussing. 1967 Jessamy: Barbara Sleigh The minute it stopped entertaining you you didnt care if it died. No you didnt love him. Blood started oozing out of his mouth. She lectures in rabbit surgery at the Royal Veterinary College in London. A 65-year-old Alabama man was killed Tuesday monring after being attacked by dogs. We'll listen, and if you want, we'll talk. She had done well with this. Within a week, our older cat was taking naps and snuggling with our new baby. But I feel terrible because I know how much she likes to get outside and I suppose with her being let indoors overnight by the sitter and also she may have been wanting to get out to do her business or go on the prowl and with no one present to let her get out she attempted to go out by herself and got trapped, leading to her death. You are going to get through this. I didnt tell the vet about starving Lolly overnight. Answer (1 of 6): First, I am sorry. "Some dog breeds like Pomeranians will turn their nose up at bleach after tasting it," Hovda says. but the guilt kept eating me up as I KNEW she wasnt ready yet. The doc gave her a shot of antibiotic and we brought her back home. Nov 2, 2013 at 0:43. When I noticed I tried to grab him by the collar, he thought I was playing and ran out onto the road right in front of a bus. The manager 86 him. I saw a rest area and quickly parked and got up to get my jacket. I betrayed my friend, and I will never see him again. It might be that they also still carry guilt and shame around, but haven't talked about it to anyone either. Finally out of desperation, my wife apologizes for her inability to take action and pleads with me to take the lead. Or perhaps they knew something i didnt, so I continued waiting. I said we need to prepare ourselves for the worse. My cat suffered unnecessarily for quite sometime. Two people are responsible for my cats death, the veterinarian and as a result of her incompetence subsequently myself. Reply. If you're being honest, and there is actually some type of problem other than you being a bad person; then you need to get help. It was my idea to bring in the cats, and I knew my wife would go for it. I only wish I could have done things differently and could be cuddling my girl instead of mourning for her and feeling this tremendous amount of guilt. I dont know what to do. It happens that instead of just tapping him in the ass and letting him go the rest of the way I accidentally use too much force and make him do a 180 around his leg and he falls on his back and head. I feel like I was neglectful of her and took her for granted. Go through the pain because the only way to get through this is to experience those terrible feelings. I know this is confessions and what not but i really want to beat the living shit out of you. I never left that visit thinking any real serious organ damage was happening, nor was I told to look for warning signs of anything at all. Or deliberately made the decision to do it tomorrow. In these dogs, ivermectin can pass directly to the brain and be toxic or even lethal. That was my fault. The Friday morning an hour before we were due to pick him up , we got a call from the kennels saying they found him dead in his bed our 8 year old boy, happy and healthy dead?! 1965 / 1967 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: Yasutaka Tsutsui: A high-school girl accidentally acquires the ability to travel through time, which leads to her reliving multiple time loops. Im here because of the loss of our 8 year old family German shepherd. An employee of a dog-walking service leaves a dog in a parked car on a hot day, and the animal dies of heat exhaustion. A good amount of fluids came up with rescue breaths. He hopped in the car - he was able to walk, I don't know how and we immediately went to the vet. He was also a master hunter. I know it might not be much coming from an internet stranger, but if you want it, please consider my advice: What happened was a horrible, heart-wrenching accident. I understand I would not have had much time with her, had the fluids not been given, but AT LEAST me and Buttercup wouldve been spared the trauma. We also experience anticipatory grief, or the feelings of grief while our pet is still living, but we are aware of an . Fluids were the last thing she needed. I knew she was experiencing something very painful and neurological. If all of that was awfull to you this is the disgusting horrible part: I try to push one of my dogs with my feet to his home , idk why , he wasnt going by my command . She was so healthy and full of life, and theyd given her a thorough check-over two weeks before. Because I took him out. After 2 weeks of him being gone, we were a little more worried, but this was still semi normal so we werent too upset about it. She said the urine was normal yet it showed blood and protein. The bundle of love he was just breaks my heart in tiny pieces. But I had tried to take measures to ensure they we well cared for even asking the neighbour to keep an eye out for whether they wanted letting in or out and giving her a key. My poor 7yr old daughter found her best friend dead. Anyhow im struggling my beloved kid had gone away from me. Your dog and what dogs embody would want you to get through this. Yvonne in memory of Siamese cat Raiderette. I dont hit my dogs , yet , since theyre not very trained, I yell at them when they are doing something stupid. However, Duffy was also reclusive and not particularly people oriented. The active ingredient in slug bait is metaldehyde, and it can cause uncontrollable seizures in pets. I should have put on the belt inside rather than being lazy and thinking of putting it in the elevator. I left out food and kept checking but it was untouched. We went away on 4night break and on the day we were due to return, we got a phone call that our cat Bella had got wedged in our tilt and turn window and was dead upon the cat sitters visit at around mid-day that day. I feel guilt because of the circumstances that led to his death over the past 2 weeks. Some were directly responsible for accidentally causing their dogs to die, while others feel like they put their dogs to sleep too soon. Please take a moment to read it its the comments on this article that inspired me to write it. For instance, I now cringe when I recall how angry I was at my beloved cat, Zoey, for scratchingthe basementdoor (I didnt realize the door to her litter box was shut tight, and she couldnt get in). my mom insisted she could survive out now and I couldnt stay outside forever. Good luck. She saw the vet every year. They put her in an incubator. I have this weird feeling in my tummy since it happened and I cant stop crying. My cat died because I was selfish. Identify real guilt about your pets death. But its a horrible feeling. It was the first day having him on the road and of course, he was crying, scared. We believed you were going to be here for a long time and that when my mom passed we would still have to take care of you. Hell be fine, we assured ourselves. His head was between two bars. She had a adorable little perma-smile, as most axolotls do and beautiful red frills. Her cage was clean and she had food. I noticed there was still some unsteadiness in her back legs, but she walked up the stairs herself and lay down in her bed. But there was no progress until 4.00pm then I wanted to go the Vet. We moved about 2 weeks ago and both my wife and I were stressed out about it all the time, so I didnt give him much out time like I used to; maybe a total of 1 or 1 1/2 hours a day tops, and even then he would spend a chunk of that sleeping somewhere. Coming here isnt going to do anything, go talk to a therapist. You have to call the police. It seemed far fetch but a skunk was living under my home at the time. He loved being outside, and would bring home anything from full grown rabbits to little bitty chipmunks. Discuss with the Vet. There was nothing alarming although I noticed she was getting a little stiff in her legs and figured it was arthritis. If the person lives in the same county as you, then you will sue in your county court. #3. It was sunday , afternoon , I have 5 dogs , Im stupid. Ha! It was anaccident, and you would have done things differently if you had know what would happen. Although Bella's new, the other dogs have taken a liking to her, especially the Golden Shepard everybody else calls Kion. You want him to trust you, you have to trust him. I could have tried cpr since theres a chance at 15 mins I could have gotten him to breathe again. Highway patrol should have somehow got something to cut through the metal or got someone who could! The Animal Legal Defense Fund is rated four-stars by Charity Navigator, is a Platinum Level GuideStar Exchange participant, a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity, and an Independent Charity Seal of Excellence awardee, ensuring that we meet the highest standards of accountability, efficiency . I imagine him alone, cold, starving, and freezing to death. Press J to jump to the feed. I finally got a call back after 3 from the vet. Answer. Looking into this, its linked to diet, exercise and stress. He died at 10 and a half and was otherwise a healthy and strong cat. I put my finger through the mesh to stroke her ears. I adopted my sweet baby boy Cerberus at 3 months old. A few days later now. Not long after she appeared to regain respiratory function, retrospectively I do not believe the respirations were adequate given her outcome but at the time I saw the chest rise and was hopeful. But bless her heart she was such a good cat, always letting Cleo eat before her and so patient and would do all her business outside and never craze for anything. I even considered rehoming her several times over because of the guilt and neglect. Years ago our cat had kittens and she ignored one of them and wouldn't feed it. Do you feel like you caused your dog or cats death? I got the water hose and cleaned it up and found some in his house. I chalked it up to age. So I assumed that he would pass it because he has other times at the vet, all they give him is fluids and muscle relaxers so Im thinking he will be fine then, it was after hours and I wouldve had to take him out of town to emergency. She heart a 1/6 heart murmur but said thats not unusual for her with the hyperthyroidism. I imediately take him to the vet , I say to the vet that he fell from the stairs and the vet does first aid and tells me to take him to the hospital , because he might have brain damage and he needs to stay under observation. And while my friend suffers a lonely and agonizing death due to my negligence, Im relaxing inside, too lazy to care. She never hurt anyone. I shouldnt have taken him outside. Love at first site. Then I decided to take him to my vet to put him to sleep instead. :(, Similar to my Moms story of how she named me after a kitten she stepped on. This last year we have lost our dog and another cat to illness and now our sweet kitten Zoe. I opened the bag just a little, and my heart sank. We named her Emie. An animal control employee fails to notice that the dog is wearing a tag and destroys the dog without notifying the owner. The vet said they dont know whats wrong because it would be a whole bunch of expensive tests, but he gave me anti seizure meds that I was supposed to be giving him 2 times daily. I ordered a 2010 special order kennel and bought a igloo home for him, enclosed part of it to cover his home as well. On october i shifted from city to village because i lost my job. I dont want to sue anyone, its my fault alone. My mum and I would take him on these walks in the countryside nearby, and we knew about a road where cars would rarely, if ever, pass, and occasionally we would take him off the leash, and we would drive off in the car and let him run behind us - only for a short stretch, and he would be back on the leash. I can be redeemed only by love, and that would be unloving. At 6 am she woke me up vomiting. I stupidly placed her on the LIVING ROOM floor. My sweet, sweet baby. Why did I even adopt him in the first place? The vet seemed satisfied. I hope you are my cat are happy in heaven. Not just lifeless but, decaying. The day before yesterday, I noticed she was stepping in her water and getting in the litter box. My children and I had just . Today I could just see that something was off. I left the apple outside the entrance. Maybe you should attempt to be helpful / constructive before hateful and useless. I eventually noticed that she wasnt eating and looked sick, the gills around her face were receding. Everything about Cats and Dogs. Anyone reading this Im here to grieve, and to give my story because yours have helped me. I hated to leave her in such an anxiety provoking situation but this was abnormal for her so I drove away and felt confident Id have an answer at 1. No matter what happens, youll always be Bun Number 1. As the day went on I realized I hadnt seen Zoe in a while. I thought she was quiet because shes never stayed at another house before. Bella's having it pretty sweet right now. Am feeling so much guilt and grieve over her . We had 2 choices one to let her have surgery or have her put to sleep . This might be the single worse thing Ive gone through in life. He was a member of the family; we'd had him . When I picked her up at 530 and asked if the meds were given I was told no. Since last two three days he would stair at the the door, try to go out alone and taking that in mind I thought of taking him outside for 5 mins. The most common one causes bleeding disorders that can be fatal. I said sorry to Lolly out loud, for so many things. Thank you. Due to this I felt it best we left it open to avoid her being stuck outside without the option to let herself in. We've have had fish die of course. If you accidentally hurt your dog or cat or you had to put your pet down these ways to deal with guilt for causing your pets death will help you cope. But hed been losing weight in the autumn and I should have noticed, not put it down to his stress issues in the past. Im afraid he hates me for not trying harder cause there was so many things I could and should have done. Theres no reason to give you a companion the game like a dog and let . You might be thinking "I could have saved him if only I would . On Thursday at 6.45 pm I accidentally backed over our beautiful family cat Bella, 16 years old. When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing by Alan D. Wolfelt is a guide for pet owners who are struggling with grief when their pet dies. It happened in a split second. Maybe it would help to talk to your parents about it, ask them how they feel about the incident? My wife got kitten formula and hand feed it a few times a day for about two weeks. She was going off shift but her colleague would call if there were any developments. He shook his head no at me so i ran back to my baby and tried again. The worst part is I didnt know it was still that serious, I didnt think she was in danger of dying anymore. Any encouragement is appreciated. I never expected her to get so bad so quickly. I observed her for 35 minutes to be sure she was tolerating the new meds, and I went for a walk to the lake to allow her some rest. Your dog or cat loved you beyond all reason so you must have donesomethingright. Press J to jump to the feed. Ive loved her so much since she was a baby. I feel like I failed him and he trusted me; he was like my little brother that I couldnt have. I took him out of his comfort zone. He must be hating me for not helping him. He seemed happy and comfortable for all these years and let him out on his lead to play in the grass/roll basically to get him off the concrete from time to time. Although the law varies depending on state and county, if someone has injured or killed your pet, you are entitled to compensation. We dropped him off on the Monday and were due to collect him on the Friday morning. He was irresistible my own tiny slice of heaven on earth. She failed to alert me to any seriousness of condition. When I took him out and carefully laid him in the hole I had just dug, he appeared to be sleeping. I blame myself because I should have known. What should I do? The second one we found, I accidentally attacked my buddy's wolf, and his wolf raped my 2nd one and I was sad, I then killed his and he "EXECUTING SADFACE.EXE" and we looked for a while while he tried to suicide IG multiple times, he then went to go play left 4 dead 2 :[R.I.P It keeps popping up..his voice, his face at the time when he cried for help. I wish I had asked them to give her IV fluids and keep her a few days to see if she bounced back. Shes 11 years old and i feel so useless i should have done it earlier i feel like i did not do anything for her im so dumb i cant stop crying im tired of crying day and night but i cant help myself to cry the pain in my chest was unbearable i cant stop blaming myself for what happened. I saw improvement on the increased dose. To clarify the reason Im so worried about his sister dying of grief is because my grandmother had three cats. I thought it was an empty tummy that was a risk. Update on my Florio: Im feeling a little less guilty after reading the vet papers. I know this is easier said than done and it takes effort to forgive yourself. I wont go into details, but it was very traumatic, a moment in time that will likely haunt me for the rest of time. My friend said take Honey home for the night. The guilt of having killed my dog who trusted me. In my effort to protect the wound and let it heal, I caused her another, more serious, problem. What if we picked him up a day early? I know that supervision is the answer for future contact with the rest of our pets, but I want to know how to deal with the fact that she actually killed something, even though it was (I hope) an accident. Tiny had been stuck out on a wet night where it got below freezing. I completely neglected her for over a month and I decided to finally go in and care for her and she was dead. When you welcome this dog into your home, shower the dog with lots of freedom, and (most importantly) affection. Answer (1 of 13): Never had a pet!! She had her usual awareness, a few meows in protest of the day. But then my cat died and now my hamster is gone and its my fault for not making sure the fort was secure, the pump was covered, and I wasnt there to save her. I accidentally killed my dog. I had errands to run and I strapped my daughter into her car seat and pulled my vehicle out of the garage. I thought as long as she didnt have an empty tummy shed be fine. So, no chance of killing one And even if I did have a pet, I don't reckon I would do something like this with a fellow being..!! (I'm assuming a lot here, please correct me if I'm wrong). Our perfect 6-month old rabbit Lolly died under anaesthesia on Monday and it was probably my fault. I hope these tips help. But being responsible for and witnessing your pet's death can add guilt, trauma and shame to the heartbreak . I realized she was having a neurological event. He slowly, slowly went into the house and into our backyard. I even thought to myself about a month before about how I need to care for her better. Of the adults 2 are male, and there is a female puppy . Logging off now. So, I went to the laundry room (which is right outside my bedroom . We waited all evening and night and found out she fractured her pelvis in three spots that required extensive surgery. My dad buried him in our field. Im seriously not going to buy the game if the dog dies. I cant live with myself in this severe pain. As Alan tried to rush through the revolving doors, his neck got caught in it, also getting the male worker stuck . he was the cutest. and I moved my outside chair closer to her who I let out of the cage already and bam- she got frightened and flew up a short tree. Some people accidentally cause their dog or cats death by accidentally leaving them in harms way. He said shes going love. My poor darling Pixie she was in so much pain and it felt like she was crying out no no when I picked her up to put in the basket to go to vet. Join. Sleep tight. He seemed to deal with this fine. I will miss her for a long long time and this will be hard for me to live with. Additionally, certain dogs are genetically hypersensitive to the medication. Or watched 1 you tune video I could have made simple adjustments to spare her life or extend it.Poor baby. The worst part ..yes there is a worse part. I just miss my baby. Gosh the guilt you are feeling. I shouldnt have been so lazy, should have acted sooner. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times) 5 / 9 12. This is hitting me so hard. Tuesday morning also he didnt come to our room and I found that he was sitting near the neighborhood garden. I build her a toilet paper tube tunnel fort and she loved it in there. His precious little body had succumbed to the cold. Depending on the manner of killing you can interpret . Itll help you deal with guilt when you caused your pets death. She always had food in her last year but, water was far between. His brother Duffy got very depressed and died a month later of a heart attack. Whether your guilt is real or imagined, know that it is a normal grief reaction. Ask me, you have every right to sue that person, because they're the one who did it, and they should face justice. But I didnt have enough courage to do it becuase I was dealing with severe hurt and anxiety on the same day. It's been 5 years since he died. Yesterday morning I heard him struggling and struggling to scratch through his cage and I just tried to ignore him even though I still felt really bad. So many regrets, and so many opportunities to change the outcome. He loved catnip and his scratching post. She hated that case. I noticed if I stopped, she would go limp, and was not breathing on her own or with a pulse. Her cheery smirk's becoming more familiar to the other dogs prancing with her. I know it's been a long time but I don't think I ever accepted the loss, and I still blame myself and our carelessness. I just lost my Tiny, and it was my fault, in multiple ways. I am so sorry I didnt bring him in. A Vetoryl overdose can cause a dog to become lethargic, vomit, and seizure. It hurts so much more that I dont even know exactly when she died and I couldnt find her in her usual state. I said goodbye. I was not allowed to go inside due to Covid. i would never beat him just because and i never came home looking to beat him but this anger inside of me, thats been there for 7 years, would always come out and i wouldnt realize what ive done till after ive done it. Seeming eager for playtime or maybe she was trying to get away from this crazy women who was mistreating her. She just wanted tummy rubs and she was happy, I wish I could trade places with her. Talk about timings. I finally got her when people helped get the pitbull off she died within minutes. We waited in all day for the phone call. 1. All I know is he fell down. I understand your viewpoint and agree to an extent but youve given a pretty imbecilic approach to this situation, yeah I suppose at least hes remorseful. original sound - Manar. We found out she was about 14 years old, had no teeth, was blind in the other eye as well, and only weighed about 3lbs. It doesn't seem like "oh I get mad soemtimes"; but more like "I have a literally problem with my brain, or whatever, and it makes me unable to control my anger.". I could have moved his head and neck when I saw lifting the chair was hurting him. He must be hating me for giving him such death. For rescue breaths I put her nose and mouth inside of my mouth and noted good chest rise. i was a horrible owner but i truly loved my lil guy. when i went to go check on him some time later, he was dead. Teeth bared. Im so sorry that I failed you. Two days later, I get a phone call from a man who saw my flyers. He yells cryies imediatelly and I realise my mistake. i cant stop crying. I don't want to go into it but it was the most horrible thing I've ever seen, and I still feel so guilty. You loved that he distracted you from the obvious deficits you have for being a decent human. He had no cuts, no blood, nothing. My mum was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. That means a dog of 20 pounds or 9 kilograms may survive if the dose is . How could I put my sweet baby in harms way!? I can only imagine if we hadnt of left him at a new kennel or if wed got him out of the stressful home environment sooner then maybe he would still be here. Whether it's long-standing baggage, happy thoughts, or recent trauma, posting it here may provide some relief. Please just get help. I didnt think my friends dog would viciously kill my beloved baby girl Raiderette I knew they would not be best friends but this dog mauled my baby and I couldnt stop it. The scene haunts me. So he ate a big scoop of baker,'s chocolate.i didnt know that chocolate is bad for dogs and can prove fatal also. 10 mins or so later they got him free but all i saw was his dead eyes and bloody mouth and claws (he was ripping his nails off trying to free himself). Your story made me cry, I'm really sorry. Fern tries to play with her; theyre working out a dynamic. My one year old cat ( Single Dot)died two days before ( Tuesday :03.12.3019). He couldnt stand on such a narrow space. I went there with a tiny bit of apple along with raspberries that was Lollys favourite. The little thing would follow her around the whole house. Not too much I know these buns are wild and stuff like fruit should be once in a blue moon. Its a fucked up confession but what therapist treats their patient by telling them how awfully they are? We all really just got use to Gwen and she seemed to like us. She was run over by one of the neighbors that revs their car faster than he should and I had heard it from my house. No offense man but you really need some fucking help. You, like me, are a child of nature. Nothing. After I basically prepared her casket. My wife accidently killed my dog. Yesterday my wife went to her mothers for the day and I went to Richmond Park nature reserve in London. He died!! Nov 2, 2013 at 21:57. He was perfect! 3.1K. For a few weeks I tried to help her heal. Please get help and don't get a dog at least not for now. I heard a thump and I immediately knew what must have happened. We lost a friend to suicide, we lost family to COVID, we watched a neighbors house burn down with all of their fur babies inside. This was no issue for me. I feel I could have prevented it. Hi Everyone, I saw a posting about this several months ago but I can't seem to find it. My darling, my princess. Make sure any baits you use are out of your pet's reach. I miss her so and its my fault. I quickly got up and tried pulling him and lifting the seat. Were going to take a trip out of town, you and mama and me. I intended to take her to the vet soon regarding the legs and for thyroid re-check since her appetite was increasing. It was raining, and it took me an hour but I wanted the exercise. Low and behold, there she was. I quickly laid her on the bed and realized she wasnt breathing. This is imagined guilt. I feel like an idiot for not doing it. I was a bit surprised and felt sorry for her but confident this could be treated and she would feel better. But they were outdoor bunnies, with constant access to grass. Get help before you hurt somebody. I miss my beautiful girl. . Ozgur . There are several factors that could have contributed to it, and there is no way to prove that one thing caused another unless an autopsy was performed1. So I gave him to my mom (who I take care of) and said mom we just have to let him pass it and go through it, its happened before, she said to me that he was going to die and my dumb self said no because I didnt think so. I asked my vet if someone would come to the home to assist me. all he wanted was to be loved and i failed him in the worst way. I am fixing to tell you my guilt while I am crying and hating on myself right now. Remember that its normal to feel guiltywhen your dog or cat dies. We should have walked every night, but the nights were turning cold, and we were tired from the day. Take responsibility for your brokenness and get help. I gave authorisation for her to be put to sleep. I asked if I could pick her up right before closing (totally assuming they would treat the sugar and hypertension with the extra time while having some time to observe). Press J to jump to the feed. There was nothing to lead me to believe that she had any serious underlying disease.