is plogix gallery legit

All the best It seems to be a secret form, like the Terms and Conditions form:, She also said: Good Luck! I was busy with school and did not contact them as well. Your email address will not be published. This is probably why Kelley found it hard to answer your questions and has directed you to me. If the comments here seem of value use them, and if not disregard them. I thought Id share my experience because Im quite new to all of this. I have googled every staff member on the Hansford and Sons Fine Art and I cant find anything on them. Let me remind you this entire chat is being shared online. Who is exactly behind this mess ???! Therefore we do not need to tell you this because it is not relevant information. Thank you so much for your help. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And I cant believe it but Ive sold a piece of work even though Ive only been live for less than 2 weeks. This feed has me now v anxious!! 3) we will let you know when your page will be featured, 4) this is all explained to you when you had your initial email. The curator who set up my page advised me about getting more work put on my page, but the link he set up did not work because of a typo! They told me that i should feel lucky to be part of this shit ! Easy to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files regardless of whether you are . The last blog post was from August. Shes vile. parabola del figliol prodigo attualizzata; regolamento pesca lago d'iseo 2021 Thats my question !!! has an estimated worth of US$ 11,113, based on its estimated Ads revenue. Even when just asking them to put more artworks on there. I know its on Stony Stratford high street but not sure of the actual address, You cant miss it its on the high street, I report to police station about crimes and send in Instagram request to block them. Seen it? Please report your expeiences here:, And here: I love my job here its fast paced but the work is very rewarding. PS: I wrote to the artists represented by EAP and asked them whether they had already sold anything on the homepage. You might get a space in their gallery in the Middle of Nowhere or a rolling exhibition though. (Even when I was just asking to add more art to my page!). If we all report them to the police, then they will be investigated. This is outrageous. I DNT need to take care you do lol, Jaz you seem to be a really mean person. I only know it had been sold because the person who purchased it contacted me curious as to why it had not been received. She s using fake Picture on instagram with an account named Lopard ?? But I am concerned about all the negative reports. Have you sold any of your paintings, Karina? I THINK THE SMALL PRICE I PAID FOR THE AMOUNT OF EXPOSURE I GET IS NOTHING AND IF ANYONE SENDS ME A DM ASKING ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE THEY ONLY HEAR GREAT THINGS MAYBE THATS WHY YOU HAVENT MENTIONED THIS ON HERE BECAUSE I GET MESSAGES FROM ARTISTS LIKE YOURSELVES DAILY. I almost signed on and you saved my butt. Just to update too. Are you aware that you also have a responsibility to speak professionally? I bet staff wrote that nice review..they are nothing but a bunch of rats! Very disturbing to read such conversation. Of course you will get angry people after you and bunch of negative feedback if your service isnt what has been promised and what people have payed for. It makes its money from the artist NOT from sales of their art. thank you for the tip above! I dont know. I hope you have a pleasant evening and at some point calm down and take a step back and realise this isnt how you treat customers. I told them first i would be happy to join the platform and since then, they literally harass me by e-mail and on instagram !! We changed a credit card last year, reported the scam to the bank, and still got charged! They present a nice package and at a fair price but once they get your money, they dont respond to you. She is the ring leader and her trained puppets also have alias names. It is only natural that people write their experience and reviews online. Shes very bitter and twisted and has been on a rampage for some time now. How long were you on the platform? I decided to share my experience here so the reader can make informative decision considering the EAP. Its a shame your small mindedness has prevented you from experiencing the same, Jaz I will not be going back and forth anymore. You need to contact Thames Valley Ppoce in the UK and ActionFraud and all the relelvant bodies that can help. Scam means dishonesty in the sense that for example a service isnt what the buyer has been told to. Twitter. I wrote here last year about it because I liked to give people the benefit of the doubt (well, not anymore). Jazz operates as so many different people posing as artists, happy customers, members of her team. You name it. I have actually had a really great experience with the Emerging Artist Platform, I have sold 3 works and the whole process was so easy and convenient. I KNOW I DO AND HAVE SEEN MANY OTHER ARTISTS DO THE SAME! They are giving a false picture about who they are. I have asked many questions which simply were never answered. everything that is written about the artists on the homepage is created by the artists and not the employees of EAP. Im so pleased because then people will have a really good insight. Messaged as many people as I could just to get a small amount of money and jazz didnt even pay everyone in the end. That simply isnt true. I logged into my Instagram account but could not find the person, who convinced me to sign in with them. I was trying to find your blog post about EAP but I couldnt find it. Ive just heard someone talking about this scam on radio 2. Ive had constant communication with her through email and Instagram and I had my page after I think it was about 14 days. I dont see how they can do that if they are fake? Please supply confirmation of cancellation and full refund. Dont go near this company! I agree with you! Super fast download and conversion speed. Sadly it looks like many artists may not get their money back. Thats got to make you feel comfortable knowing a struggling actor is checking out the artwork. I have asked them to call me but they havent so far. if this is not done, it is legally fraudulent. I have got the same impression that there are multiple Instagram identities but there is only one person behind them all. And yet you as a representative of your company bully a mentally Ill paying client. Firstly, the gallery features a wide variety of abstract art styles, from contemporary to minimalist, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Official website of the comedian, television host, talking head, commentator, speaker, and word-haver. He had damaged an artists work without their knowledge and told them he would keep it and sell it for them. You should be ashamed! How did you book the call? Another artist who uses tour platform was telling me about the poor service they received and forwarded me this link I would be interested to hear what you guys have to say about the comments there. Seems like a scam to me. Id leave my personal details to show legitimacy but afraid of backlash from Jazz. People from all over the world have congratulated us the artists for the great new connection and getting to the next level on our careersand it turned out to be nothing. We support all device platforms., I think its so reassuring to read this. It appears to be a scam. Scam scam scam scam scam. I also didnt look for negatives someone willingly sent me that link si of course I would ask your opinion as you are a representative of the company. thanks for the caveats. I agree with the previous comment of bombarding their pages. Has not replied to messages regarding what has happened. I feel like they have some real artists for sure but when it comes to new one who are abroad, they behave weirdly ! There is a fee for this, but commissions and quantities of work that artists are told they can put up are apparently made up on a case by case basis, and it is almost impossible to find work unless an artists name is already known. 5. They will lose their money too. They ended up owing some of the girls thousands of pounds and are still using some of their names on social media as well as photos and videos of them when they originally thought it was a real job. I know someone who has sold, got their money and and also been recently interviewed by them for a YouTube channel and Instagram page. Have you noticed that Hansford and Sons Instagram account has disappeared? SCAM SCAM SCAM. and have even then spread the word! I am based in Sweden and have never had any issues with them. Hi, They probably didnt pay the last lot like they didnt pay us for our sales! I have contacted the police who have informed me that they have had many issues with this organisation. This company is seriously unethical. For legal reasons we do not mention specific individuals and gallery names. Anyone else notice how all the staff have changed. But I think we should all post on social media and let everybody know it is a scam. Different opportunities arise at different times, it all really depends, this makes the when side of it hard to confirm, The questions you are asking cannot be answered head on because there are many different opportunities and chances of features and exhibitions. As the company they are currently in default and havent submitted any accounts since their incorporation in 2019 so its unlikely that I will ever be paid. Only when I threatened to file a report with the police did she promptly write back to me. Im going to collate every experience / bad review and do something about it! Total scammers. Jazz Jade is an elusive character Im still waiting to hear from her in regards to a refund. the company didnt do anything for me. nobody from the team seems to be a real person. It isnt what they tell you and there is clearly something very much wrong with it. So I think I will pass. i got involved in the cooperation because i thought EAP would be able to offer me something that i cannot achieve myself. I find it very bizarre that you are trying to find negatives rather than looking for positives. However Ive had a great relationship so far I was interviewed on a video call & virtually met Jazz. This is a page to review The Emerging Artists Platform its got nothing to do with Luke McDonald (the previous owner of the gallery in Stony Stratford) if you want to comment on his dealings, you should do so on another page dedicated to his dealings not here. Ive directly emailed & sent an online chat message to the Hanford & Sons website. Lauren is a fake. They took the money, and then stopped answering my emails, they didnt comply with the promised services, and charged me a few das ago for contract renewal even though I had cancelled my subscription (by mail) several months ago. People are entitled to their opinions. If anyone has any tips or something what to do to fix this then let me know! they are using an image of me without my permission. When I ask them How they proceed the shipping, they told me i ask too many questions and do not to worry about !! Hello everyone, Instagram has an option report this page and you can select the reason Fraud, we should join and report it all also on Instagram to close them, RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY do not invest your money total scam, We all need to keep contacting everyone and showing them the police cases.