Open call for Artworks

Miami New Media Festival 2017

Guidelines for Submission


At this time, Arts Connection Foundation is calling upon artists interested
in taking part in the 11th edition of the Miami New Media Festival 2017


New Media Festival is a public art project, which aims to promote video, film and performance among the wide audience and urban spaces. NMF was founded in 2006, and it would be held every year during October in Miami. With various art activities including screening, video mapping, audio-visual performance, workshop, exhibition and lecture, NMF weaves video arts into urban life and interacts with the audience, enabling a new possibility of public art.



Artists' older than 16 years old may participate regardless of their nationality.


Art Pieces

Selected proposals must be sent in the following format:

.mov 1920 X 1080 HD

a) Each artist or group of artist might present an art piece.

b) Our festival does not accept video installations or video structures.

c) Our festival does not accept art pieces older than a year (pieces made before 2016 will not be accepted).

d) Art pieces must be presented in .mov 1920 X 1080 HD via w transfer after receiving the acceptance letter to the festival.

e) The file or DVD must be identified with its title, duration, and author. Artwork statement, artist resume and still are required.

f) Our festival highly encourages that the file does not surpass 1GB (one gigabyte) in size to facilitate the upload and download of the file.

g) The duration of animation and video art must be between  2:30 to 7:00 min.

h) The topic of the video is your choice.

i) Our festival would not allow art pieces that have been presented in previous expositions.

j) The art piece must be in English. Spanish or French, but must have subtitles in the other language. (If the art piece is in English, it must have Spanish subtitles and vice versa, for French must have subtitles in English)



a) All art pieces will become part of the archive of the Festival and could be used in future festival, with no commercial ends and as a part of the event.

b) The selected art pieces will be announced to the authors via email and in the festival’s website.



All art pieces send to the festival would not be returned to the authors. All art pieces will become part of the archive of the Festival and could be presented in several presentations though the year Arts Connection presents with cultural/educational purposes (No commercial uses).

All art pieces must also have:

a) Complete the registration form at the Festival's website

b) A professional resume of the author/authors.

c) A brief synopsis of the video.

d) An image Still (jpg 300 dpi).

e) An artist's image (jpg 300 dpi).


The organization is not responsible for accidents that could potentially affect the art pieces. The organization reserves the right to works that may be harmful to human rights. Participation indicates fully acceptance of our guidelines.


The art pieces must be send through a downloadable link, email or personally until july 15th 2017. We would not accept any submission after that date.

Write us or bring your artwork in person:

3212 NE 2nd Ave Miami Florida 33137