New Media Art After the Pandemic


How New Media Art can be a tool to overcome a world that was turned upside down by a pandemic?


Open Call

Art expressions are an answer to our present. The 2020-2021 long social hiatus triggered creativity and art products about what we lived this year. People lost family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Many people are strugling to recover facing financial or physical troubles, and trying to adjust themselves again to their lives. Communities are beginning to gather together again, with fear and caution. Life won’t be the same again. ACF wants to gather and share new media artworks that help to reflect, getting the best of this difficult time.

Past Editions

Past Editions

We call artists to produce video-artworks about how the pandemic affected them and their communities. This production will help us to understand a topic that changed our lives.

This year the XV Edition of the Miami New Media Festival is devoted to this curatorial thesis. Video art, performance and new media art, in general, are dealing with censorship on a daily basis. We must face this reality together as a strong artist community.

Freedom to create art is something we can not give for granted.

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