Elizabeth Vallejo Iñiguez 2017

Elizabeth Vallejo Iñiguez

In my short career I have been able to experience various artistaic expressions such as painting, photography, sculpture, performance, video art and soundart, realizing that all these have bee nuse ful tore in forcé knowledge and represent different problems which are shown daily in society. These representations not only carried out on the basis of the technique but also the investigation of political, social, cultural and personal contents and symbols. One of the ways to do my work is based on personal or social experiences, creating or transforming the daily problems in poetic expressions, where the human and intímategather to be captured. In my artistic processes i use the ludic as a way of creating, where I can represent environments that are beyond contemplation, this playful partis the one that mades the public to participant of my work. Besides, I believe in this way, people can reflect the conflicts resulting from a society more pleasingly. Finally, my work represents the relationship between art ands ociety, the view eroraudience the are those who really matter.

Country: Ecuador

Project Title: Impacto Cerumen

Proposal Summary: Artistic work that focuses its importance on the sense of hearing, knowing that the sound is a vibratory phenomenon that is transmitted in the form of waves and intertwined with the auditory sense, try to show in a different and possibly abstract way, perceiving or Imagine a reality different from the everyday. Inviting the sensory experience to involve only one sense; The ear.

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMKST18mh_0 

Email: samyvally@gmail.com

Phone: 593 0995664921

Website: http://samyvally.wixsite.com/suamyvallejo