Ernesto Walker 2017

Ernesto Walker

Based in Monterrey (MX). His artwork is characterized by the exploration of chance and abstraction as a way to encode and visually translate the reality around us, looking for links between what is accidental and what becomes meaningful. His academic formation is on the field of humanities, with a bachelor degree in international Relations obtained in 2016. Untill Now he has 13 solo exhibitions and participated in 49 group exhibits, including exhibits at an internacional level in London, Brussels, Luxemburg, Athens, Switzerland, Angentina, United States, Italy and Spain.

Country: Mexico

Project Title: “Tan cerca y tan lejos / So close and yet so far”

Proposal Summary: Is a piece that takes elements from astronomy and interplanetary explorations to create playful thoughts about the relativity of geography. In this sense, the premise is that there is an intricate combination of cultural, social and political elements operating in parallel to the physical characteristics of space and create the illusion of shortening some distances and lengthening others.

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Phone: 018116003567

Company: Ernesto Walker