Lili(ana) & Maui-sa

Lili(ana) & Maui-sa

Lili(ana) is an artist who defines herself as multifaceted in respect to her expression on contemporary issues. Sometimes her way to point out what she covets is through installation, sculpture, photography or video… For a contemporary artist, the means used to express ideas is not really important but the concept of her/his imagination itself. Lili(ana) is a mental artist, that means her thoughts about art are first build in their meaning; the concept prompts her images. First her thinking builds the image, then it presents itself. Perhaps this is what every artist do, the difference is that in some this usual “doing” is more noticeable than others.” *

Lili(ana) currently lives and works in Miami. She has exhibited in USA, France, Spain, China, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. 

 *(excerpt from " Light Spectra" by Marcela Römer)

 Maui-sa Contemporary Dance Choreographer and Teacher. Studied Release Technique and Improvisation at Movement Research NY USA. Her artist activity goes between traditional, experimental and postmodern fusion. She had been involved in contemporary art process since 1991, as a multimedia choreographer, curator and producer of festival, event and exhibitions. She has presented her artworks in Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Perú, Brasil, Costa Rica, Russia and United States.

Un-wall-ing / The Project

Un-wall-ing is a sequel project from the art-installation "There is always a way through” presented at Aluna Art Foundation in 2015. This installation showcased a paper wall with a rocky texture and two hidden doors for the viewers to find. It made reference to the “inner walls” that we unconsciously create and build around us, which could eventually turn into our limitations but can always be surpass depending on the door we choose to open.

Unaware of this subconscious doing one lives within these inner walls without realizing that they are our own creation or has been acquired by us. “Un-wall-ing” strives to make these “inner walls” visible and to also empower the participant with the awareness of the fact that the same power that has being used to create and maintain these inner walls is the same power that can be used to “un-wall” them, so they can be destroyed and eradicated from our lives 

“Un-wall-ing” is the art of eradicating (partially) “inner walls” by engaging in the act of tearing down/apart purposely built paper walls. The project is an interactive performance customized according to the needs of the “un-wall-ist” that will be performing the act of “un-wall-ing” their own chosen inner wall.


“Un-wall-ing”, the video, is not only a document of this process but a visual exercise to emotionally and mentally engage in the process of self-un-wall-ing while watching.