Mauricio Saenz 2017

Mauricio Saenz

2009 - 10 MA in Artistic Production. Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain 1997 - 03 BA in Studio Art. University of Texas, Brownsville, US.
SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 Of Islands and Unicorns, Terminal 136, San Antonio, US (forthcoming) 2015 Of Islands and Unicorns, International Museum of Art and Science, McAllen, US 2014 The Space Behind, Mexican Cultural Institute, Miami, US 2013 Geografías del Sinaire, Parque Cultural Reynosa, Reynosa, Mexico 2010 Diálogos Rotos, Galería Albertina, Matamoros, Mexico 2008 The Black Life, Rusteberg Gallery, University of Texas, Brownsville, US.

Country: USA

Project Title: Dakhla

Proposal Summary: “Dakhla” reflects on the concept of uncertainty and the imprecision of a changing reality as an ever-present confrontation. Through a narrative that describes a metaphoric trip to the middle of the sea between two distant points on the same latitude to see life in perspective, representations of the ephemeral and unpredictable emphasize on the idea of a future that feeds off chance and speculation.

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Phone: (956) 312-1642