Olga Guse 2017

Olga Guse

Born 1981 in the city of Saratov, Russia
Study 1996 - 2000 State Regional Art School in Saratov, Russia 2001 - 2003 studies at the University of Saratov, Russia Field of study: Art History.
Since 2003 lives and works in Germany, Dresden.
Since 2017 at IAA International Association of Art as a holder of IAA international Identity Card for professional artists.
Creator of many animated films participated in different.
international art and film-festivals. Throughout two years, the films have been shown at more than 150 festivals and exhibitions worldwide.
The largest of Festivals:
XXVII Festival Les Instants Vidéo (2014, Frankreich) 17th International Art Exhibition NordArt (2015, D) 8th & 9th The Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach Festival (2015, 2016, USA) 8th & 9th OSTRALE international panorama exhibitions
of contemporary arts in Europe (2014, 2015, D) 7th INCUBARTE International Art Festival (2015, Spanien) 4th Aurora Arts Festival in Dallas (2015, USA).
17th FILE – Electronic Language International Festival (2016, Brazil) 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Digital Pop (2016; Athen, Greece) 9th International Animation Festival Fest Anca (2016; Zilina, Slovakia).

Country: Germany

Project Title: The Others

Proposal Summary: The others … Sooner or later we meet them. They have a different language, a different culture. They are feared, they are undesirable. Sometimes they seem to us to be from another planet. We can’t change them, and we ourselves don’t want to change either. We have to reckon with others, because the planet Earth is our common home. And for them we are also different!.

Vimeo Link: https://vimeo.com/216466134 

Email: oleguse4@gmail.com

Phone: 99066961

Website: http://www.olga-guse.wix.com/guse