UOM Auditory Art

UOM Auditory Art

Capturing the Moment
From its origins in 2007 -UOM- keeps evolving, always looking to open new avenues of expression through the development of music, offering a valuable sonic alternative, at the same time challenging what already has been heard.

When the music is created in the moment, from the body, heart and mind , all in “one spontaneous musical expression” -UOM- releases a kinetic energy , which travels unbounded from any specific referencial/labeling ,and becomes healing power.

Witnessing -UOM- Live Music:
The musical performance is experienced with the addition of Video Imaging ,projected around the performance site.Both the players and the unique presence of people and the physical environment ,creates an atmosphere of sounds / meditation / joy/ surprise.The music of respect and appreciation for an irreplaceable moment.

-UOM- is: Daniel Fiorda : kaoss pads, devices / Eduardo Balerdi : guitars, mc 909!

With guest artists ,expanding its sonic adventures and inviting musicians to perform live and record jam sessions. Most notably guest artists are : Marcus Blake, Tito Losavio, Amartya Saha, Marianna Fox, Miguel MCPhantom, Diana Baxter.

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