Andres Rodriguez Decena

Andres Rodriguez Decena

Andrés Rodríguez Decena is an emerging conceptual and multidisciplinary artist, focused primarily in performance art, video art, drawing and painting. His work often portrays his experiences and opinions on racism, migration, the effects of interpersonal separation, sexism, among other topics that currently affect contemporary societies.

City: Santa Catarina Pinula

Country: Guatemala

Project Title: Breakfast in Bed

Proposal Summary: Video art piece, in which Rodríguez Decena eats an entire bowl of cereal accompanied with Nutella. In the background, there is a soundtrack composed of crying women. The piece is a portrayal of daily situations faced by women across Latin America and the Caribbean, regions where brutal sexism dominates every aspect of society. The man enjoys his food while the woman is oppressed.


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