DJ Musicat

My name is Alejandra Romero and I born in Venezuela. As far as I remember my first love was the music... I remember when I was a child and I played the LPs Turntables of my parents and recorded my mixtapes with selections that got the party started everywhere I played . The years passed and back in the 80's I learned to mix and this became a wonderful hobby that I shared with friends only... My interest in music has led me to work in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, first in live concerts as producer or stage manager of local and world famous artists, and later when I came to live in the US, focused my career as producer and director but in the TV and video production industry for the past 12 years. Today, after few years I retook my vocation as DJ, knowing that music is my passion and it has been moved aside due to work commitments and other entertainment related jobs. MUSICAT is a tribute to my loved ones: the Music, my cats, my country and all the people who dared to pursue their dreams.