Greg Pitts

Greg Pitts

Greg Pitts is an actor, painter, and photographer. He has written/produced a number of Short Films, which he has starred in, in all genres (Horror, Comedy, Tragedy). Greg Pitts has starred in Blockbuster Films such as Transporter 2 and is currently the host of a Documentary Webisode Channel called Lamar Pitts TV. On this channel you can see the Art/Photography he does in his spare time at Art Shows like Miami Art Basel.

City: Weston

Country: USA

Project Title: Karma The Movie

Proposal Summary: A man who has a lot of things going on with him mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually experiences an obstacle at a point in his life that's under a lot of turmoil and sorrow. This obstacle causes him to almost lose hope and give up on what he believes; however, after going back to his studio, an angel comes and repairs his life showing what goes around comes around.


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