Identity, Art and Technology

Miami is a city made by people who live in a continuous exchange of cultural references. Many times called a "melting pot" of cultures, our city grows each day with the diversity that thrives in the streets.

Miami embraces their inhabitants cultural legacy daily, which makes its citizens always be searching for its own identity. But as we live in an overwhelming changing society, this melting pot of cultures is standing in another shattering scenario, which is the technological one. The flood of information is endless, and technology became an essential part of our life; this is a reality we can't avoid, and on the contrary, we must embrace it from a positive perspective.

For its XIV Edition, the Miami New Media Festival has selected “Identity, Art and Technology” as the curatorial theme for video art and site-specific installations. How we define ourselves has deep roots in our communities, and Arts Connection Foundation wants to know and share these stories.

We encourage participant artists to explore topics related to women, gender, immigration, and other vital issues for minorities, using artistic and technologic tools to reframe our self-image as a society. Be part of this initiative and help us to draw a new frontier in Miami's identity.