Ivan Castillo Lagrange 2017

Ivan Castillo Lagrange

Ivan Castillo Lagrange is a Miami based artist exploring phenomenology of the creative process from a sculpture background. An organic metha-abstraction that urges the sofistication of simplicity through an architecture of silence. He urges relationship to the self for a revolution of individual’s new consciousness. He develops a distinct visual language that ponders the powers of an organic minimalist using archetypal precepts in order to reveal metaphors from nature to the experience of the real self. From cell structures to galaxies, geometric exploration is a key to unlock what lies beneath the ever continuum process of co-creation by being ultra-present, mindful of the law of cause and effect.
He studied Visual communication at Neumann Design Institute, Fine Arts at Central University of Venezuela and experimental art education at Simon Rodriguez University, Caracas Venezuela.

Website: www.iclstudio.com
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh9kJDQWXig