Jonalex Herrera

Multimedia director of immersive technologies, Jonalex Herrera is a multimedia, multicultural award-winner director with a passion for the successful combination of great storytelling, visually appealing forms of expression and the application of innovation towards creativity.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Jonalex has also made El Paso, TX, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, New York and Miami his home, picking up an interesting assortment of cultural and social attributes that make up his artistic vision. With a double major in Digital Film and VFX/Animation from New Mexico State University, Jonalex also received education in Graphic Design (Instituto de Diseño Caracas), and Computer Science (Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey.)

Jonalex has done critical work for distinguished productions, and he is a truly unique and versatile artist. To further illustrate, his work has been featured at major international festivals and recognized for his excellence, but beyond traditional accolades, Jonalex is always seeking new ways to break boundaries and create memorable experiences.

“La Promesa”

A virtual reality docu-short film experience that puts the viewer in the first-person point of view of what it means to leave it all behind. It blends the immersive with actual recounts, and questions our true empathy. This film was created with Liz Pasillas.

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