Latin American Women in Video-Art: Trailblazers

Since the beginning of video-art in the sixties, women had been playing a leading role in its history. Women artists were pioneers in this realm from the very beginning, defying a trending male-centric vision of art history.

Pioneer Latin American women who were exploring performance art as an exciting field of exploration, adopted new technologies to go forward in their artistic creations. Today, we honor them for their trailblazing legacy, which opened infinite doors to contemporary artists.



Andreina Fuentes-Angarita

Aldeide Delgado

Sebastián Jiménez Cortés

Elizabeth Marín

Anitza Gutiérrez


Alejandra Meijer-Werner (Venezuela)

Alette Simmons-Jiménez (República Dominicana)

Ani Villanueva (Venezuela)

Carlotta Boettcher (Cuba)

Claudia Robles (Colombia)

Nela Ochoa (Venezuela)

Omaira Abadía (Colombia)


Guest Artist: Amparo Sardi (Spain)