Margarita D’Amico Homage

The Miami New Media Festival 2019 pays tribute to Margarita D’Amico, a journalist who influenced the understanding of the new technologies in visual arts in Venezuela.

The intellectual work of D’Amico was significant in the development of the new forms of arts in Venezuela. She actively participated in the organization of multimedia exhibitions, workshops and video art festivals since the 70s.

With a broad vision of her legacy, this homage will present her contributions in digital art and her approach of communication as a form of creation.

D’Amico was the author of the book Lo Audiovisual en Expansión (1971), and several columns published in the newspaper El Nacional and El Universal.

She created the television series Arte y Ciencia y Pioneros, and the radio program Vanguardia Hipersónica.

Until the end of her life, D'Amico explored subjects like the creation of images through new technologies, technological possibilities for expression, and other topics having to do with aesthetics and modern communication.