Maria Bilbao·Herrera

Maria Bilbao·Herrera

Maria Bilbao·Herrera is an artist and photographer born and raised in Caracas Venezuela, she earned her BA in Interior Design from the Art Institute Fort Lauderdale and her MA in Art Direction from Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny of Barcelona. Upon graduating, Maria attended the International Center of Photography New York where she was awarded the Rita K Hillman Award for Excellence.
Maria is a Venezuelan artist/educator· She explores media and new technologies within the medium of photography and video, performance and installation·In addition to her own art practice, she is an educator in the field of the image creation, understanding and showcasing. Her work is part of private collections in NY, Bogotá, Florence and Caracas.
Currently she lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela.
Founder at nodoCCS.

City: Caracas

Country: Venezuela

Project Title: On Becoming: A Mediation

Proposal Summary: Experimental and personal visual research and exploration as a relatively direct response to the radical mix of cultural, political, technological, and economic changes within the uncertain worlds within which I move myself in. I try to look at how money reconciles the various forces of history, culture, economics and the self, and how we use it as a mediation to navigate these various meanings.


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