Milcho artist

Video Artist, Art Installations & Photography Born in Paris, France in 1972 and Raised in El Salvador. Works and Lives in Miami Beach, Florida. If it scares me, I’ll do it! If it makes my stomach turn, I’ll do! If it gives me an adrenaline rush to the head, I’ll do it! If the thought of it makes my head turn 360 degrees in disbelieve, I’ll do it! If it seems impossible, I’ll definitely do it! Animals & Insects are a giant part of my art pieces. I love the challenge and movement it gives the frame as well as the unpredictable factor that comes with dealing with these creatures. As I execute my shoots, I never put my characters in any situation or scenario I wouldn’t put myself in as well, no matter how uncomfortable, dangerous or disgusting it may be. I don’t believe in the impossible as long as I’m capable of improvising and compromising. Fantasy, Magic, Surrealism, Humor & Curiosity Motivate me as well as a good soup. With each project I renew my license to challenge & dare myself to do that which may be questionable. “Si no te gusta reencuadra.”

“O” 2009-2014

“O” was born at a time where I was ready to eliminate from the root a condition I had for 27 years called “Trichotillomania” The urge pull out one’s hair. At the same time my brother who had spent 10 years in Jail in Florida was finally being released but deported for life in El Salvador. We had seen that as the release date was approaching his mental state was declining yet the system did nothing for him. Those two excruciating personal events where about to happen simultaneously… and “O” was born.

In this Art Video I represent both my mother, my brother and myself in one body. The character is being pulled into the system in chains and against it’s will until finally forced on to an electric chair. She’s greeted by the “Queen Warden” who after a series of unpleasant teasings begins to crop, chop and ultimately remove all her hair.
The character sits amongst rats that run freely fornicating and bluntly mocking her.
As she’s given the kiss of death and chanted the curse of hell on earth, she gives birth to her Unsettling State of mind which pulls her into eternal torment.