Pilarte Eva 2017

Pilarte Eva

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Country: Spain

Project Title: The attic of the dreams

Proposal Summary: Sync AUDIO/VIDEO Pablo Gómez Suárez and Eva Pilarte (Kur Ly) our proposal is based on synchronization of motion pictures in charge of Kurly (Red Cloud), with Pablo Gómez Suarez (Quick Ray) electric guitar, creating atmospheres suitable for free thought, each attendee can interpret this work as their mental parameters and give foot to new artistic forms which have emerged from nothing. We start our project in November 2013, opening the doors of the attic of Lavapies transformed in Dream's Attic, for a small group of people invited Experimental music is synchronized with the video projection, playing with shapes and colors and allowing movements and effects to the public that can admire and participate with what emerges through the artistic improvisation. We showed the attic during the end of week of Los Artistas del Barrio de Lavapies. The attic step by the Sanfest Festival celebrated in the monastery of Córcoles, Guadalajara. Also performed in the collective exhibition of art ̈Egosenso ̈ in the room Siluro Concept ,and Sala pintores 10 in Cáceres, and play in the theatral piece ̈Yo Indigena ̈in Lx Factory in Lisboa and Nave73 Madrid It is the union of a musician and a vj who decide to explore what you are passionate about. Live improvisation.

Vimeo Link: https://vimeo.com/87837914 


Phone: 0034666370778


Website: https://kurlymusik.wixsite.com/elaticodelossuenhos