Carlos Cuellar Brown 2017

Carlos Cuellar Brown

Carlos Cuellar Brown is a New York City media artist and essayist. In 2013 his essay “Intermedial Being” was published by A Journal of Performance and Art PAJ #106 MIT Press Journals. Carlos has utilized live streaming and digital media as an essential aspect of his work. Recently he curated an art and science live stream performative workshop for PERFORMA 13. Carlos has also curated 5 seasons of a virtual performance art space: “HoeskteenExtras” 2007-2012. This innovative internet gallery was streamed live via Skype and Youtube for De Hoeksteen TV Amsterdam. Originally from Venezuela, Brown studied Video Art and Intermedia with Hans Breder and Kenneth Gaburo. The experiential nature of his work reflects his preoccupation with perception and the role of the observer in the artistic experience. His early Video Art was featured as part of a group show at the Anthology Film Archives Video Program, New York 1984.Carlos has been curator and artist of the Miami New Media Festival for which he has contributed since 2013.

Deconstruction New York 2017

This piece uses digital processing and timed pixel sequencing to deconstruct the off framed appropriated digital photo of public art. The image has been fragmented and corroded into bits of horizontal motions that go from figurative to abstraction. Using a cubist approach to motion and design, the on-off switches deconstructs the original image which becomes translated to its mirror opposite in a choreographic cyclical trance.