Nina Dotti 2017

Nina Dotti

Since the beginning of her career, she explored common social and political issues as the influence of the religions, the role of women in the society, prostitution, violence, and discrimination, especially to LGBT community, and women – the femicide as a clear demonstration of power, and patriarchal control over women’s lives, their freedom, dignity, and sexuality. Her main focus is performance, installation, video and photography. Defined as a new media contemporary artist and a “pluralized woman” by French critic Frederic Charles Baitinger, Nina attempts to evoke through her work, women’s role in the XXI century.

Take the Load Off

"Take the Load Off / El Despojo” turned out to become a rousing performance in which Dotti invited 100 women to pen upon a paper all the things that prevented them from evolving in their life. Once the participating women wrote down the litany of problems hindering their self-actualization, their written laments were thrown into a massive cauldron where the flames of regret were forged into communal wishes for a more positive future.

The work was conducted at the 13 1/2 km mark of the La Guardia Highway in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2015).