Isabel Pérez del Pulgar 2017

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar born in Granada (Spain) and resident in France from 2015. Bachelor of Geography and Histories with the Art specialty for the University of Granada. She realizes of monographic specialization courses on theory of the color, painting, drawing and skills of engraving in the School of Arts of Granada, as well as courses on diseno and digital art. In the middle of the decade of 2000 he adopts like way of creation and of expression the video. The video as plastic vehicle where there unite the movement, the sound and the pictorial vision. The work is conceived like a continuous fresh air split into series and autonomous projects. Her work has been exhibited and selected in numerous international festivaless. It has developed projects with composers and videoartistas international. Of between emphasizing these: Daily Actions con W. Matthies, Pool Pearls & Streampearls con W. Matthies, P. Chagas y J. M. Sebastian, TOPOLOGIE DES NEUF CERCLES y Stabat Mater con R. Quelven y Rey Eissen, © Estanca 17” con R. Quelven, Exquisite What Project.

Country: Spain

Project Title: Acciones Nómadas

Proposal Summary: The structure of dual thinking causes the components that order it to be established in a bipolar way: spirit – nature, mind – body, white – black, man – woman, true – false. A hierarchy is created where meanings, in absolute terms, correspond to the good and bad, to the positive and negative. In this way identities are constructed under assumed biological differentiators.

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