Johannes Christopher Gérard 2017

Johannes Christopher Gérard

Themes in my work have focus on the aspects towards identity, relations (between humans, human – cultures, human- nature and locations), transition, boundaries, lost, loneliness, inner strife, time, destruction, death. Accordingly I pay close intention to the candid subtle details within the environments we create or live in. My interpretations are at the end embedded experiments through alternations observations and analysis of our visible and non visible environments and human behavior. However my final vision and end result about a work or a project will include a strong metaphorical style and symbolism, and will be less a super- realistic reflection of a vision, ideas or situation.

Country: Netherlands

Project Title: Anticipating You

Proposal Summary: Based on the poem > Anticipating You < by the Russian poet Aleksandr Blok. The work is simultaneity a metaphoric investigation and interpretation of the poem, as well about the city of St. Petersburg. The work approach the interpretation and investigation in two manners > By the performance of the theater group DFT Stage
and through visual images taken within the urban space of the city.

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