Jessica Moroni 2017

Jessica Moroni

- Master "Prodart, Production and Artistic Research", Faculty of Fine Arts, Univerisdad of Barcelona.
- Training in "Psychodrama", basic level. Center Moreno, Granada. 2016/17
- Higher Technician in "Art and Textile Design", at the School of Art and Craft of Granada, 2011.
- Graduated in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Venice, in 2009, specialty Sculpture.

- I work as a teacher of screenprinting and yoga teacher.
- Between 2011 and 2014 I created a textile design project called Menta-ink, based on silkscreen and design for the production of a line of clothes and accessories made by hand and in limited collections.
- Since 2009 I promoted the artistic work of Croatian artist Dunya Hirschter Koprolcec, who disappeared in Granada in 2009.
- Since 2005 I work as a plastic artist participating in competitions, collective and individual exhibitions.

Country: Spain

Project Title: Mátritamáh

Proposal Summary: With this work I want to reflect on a determinant human and natural character, which is repetition. The succession of cycles as seasons, life and death, day and night, have marked the rhythm of existence since the beginning of the universe. As human beings we have an innate propensity towards it. Rituality is an exteriorization of our most essential form and a reproduction of our link with nature.

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