Patti Roo 2017

Patti Roo

Patti Roo "Jeniffer Patricia Rodríguez" is an Ecuatorian visual artist, she was born Ibarra city, studied Fine Arts. In her work, the artist uses video to encircle the archetypal imaginaries of the unconscious through the concept of the image, a personal exploration centered on the catharsis of sensations and the semiotic connection of everyday.

Country: Ecuador

Project Title: Unreal

Proposal Summary: Within a story the character does not recognize the state of unreality, the character is "alive" only in those who observe it, because there is a witness who recognizes itself in the movement in each frame and when existential questions appear. In that way depending on the role of a story only have to perform several actions. The real is camouflaged in filters, a fictional reality.

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