Asdrúbal Gómez 2017

Asdrúbal Gómez

Asdrúbal Gómez is a Visual Artist, Performer and VJ, Born on the Island of Margarita / Venezuela on April 15, 1991, Study at Rodolfo Loero Arismendí Technical University in Audiovisual Sciences and Photography, Currently resides in Argentina / Mar del Plata, in 2014 In the collective exhibition Artucs / University of Sigo (Venezuela), he has participated as the creator and director of Videoclips including the Video '' Solnocturn '' of the project of the producer Leo Ferro SLNT (Mar del Plata) in which he is currently VJ and Audiovisual Director, creator of Videoperformer '' Absque Facie '' performed by Sara Sansonetti, Director of '' Decascararnos '' Performance made by Rogger Todos.

Country: Argentina

Project Title: Quimera

Proposal Summary: The body is a chimera.
Quimera is a work created by Asdrúbal Gómez and interpreted by Sara Sansonetti, in which is represented a body that constructs its own utopia like a ritual of self-knowledge and similar transformation.

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