Anabela Costa

The digital image has been the point of interest for Anabela Costa, an artist with a repertory of solo exhibitions. Visual arts conducts her to the research in experimental film, based on two axes: the moving image, the aesthetics of representation of movement, and the formalization of thematic and scientific concepts.

Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal this visual artist studied Fine Arts at Lisbon Fine Arts University and since 2000 she has been experimenting with film, making animation, combining two research areas: web, time, liquid state, and landscape. She has been awarded in international film festivals, animation and video art.

Living in Paris since 2010, Costa continues her artistic and technology research by working with experimental software in the generation of images, still images or moving image.


“Aquarium” by Anabela Costa for the #MNMF2018

In the “Aquarium”, there is only a fixed camera in order to reinforce the notion of a long time.

“Waves in the sea, waves of people that come from boat. The coast is just far, it blinks in yellow lights, but waves splash, and in between, water… and… water. Danger always present.”

As part of the Curatorial Program #3, “The Wave“, by Anabela Costa will be at the following venues: 

 Paseo Wynwood (Miami, Oct. 10)

Concrete Space (Miami, Nov. 10-Jan. 15)

Macro Asilo, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (Rome. Nov. 2–4)

Librería Mamey (Santo Domingo, Nov. 8)

Rome Art Week – Final Party Borgo Ripa (Rome, Oct. 27, 8pm)