Concrete Space Events

On Saturday, November 10 at 4 pm, the most representative program of the Miami New Media Festival 2018 arrives at Concrete Space gallery, at 3400 NW 78th Ave, Doral, FL 33122. The show includes video art, virtual reality, and art installations, about “Water, Heritage, and Climate change.”  Read more.


Miami New Media Festival 2018
Events at Concrete Space

Address: 3400 NW 78th Ave, Doral, FL 33122


November 10 at 4pm. Opening

Miami New Media Festival

Through January 15 2019


Curatorial Program #1  Water Landscape, Environment, and Heritage.

Curatorial Program #2  Video Art and Robotics + New Media + Virtual Reality

Curatorial Program #3  Guest Artists + Open Call Selected Artists

Curatorial Program #5  FIU Emerging Art

Curatorial Program #7  Nodo CCS Video Festival Selection

Curatorial Program #9  Drown/Drought



Xavier Cortada

Arctic Ice Paintings

North Pole Dinner Party


Christo Guelov

Orange Rings


Cheryl Maeder

Submerge, La Mer, I Am Climate Change


Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

WaterViz, a Water Visualization Project


Jonalex Herrera & Liz Pasillas

La Promesa


Isaac Cordal

La Comédie Humaine


November 15 at 7pm

WaterViz: The Art and Science of Water Journeys

Panel: Cheryl Maeder, Xavier Cortada, Lindsey E. Rustad  (USDA Forest Service)


December 1 at 6pm

Video conference with artist Nan González about her installation “Titanes de Hielo”.



December 8 at 7pm

Talking About Water in the Creative Process

Panel:Cheryl Maeder, Xavier Cortada, and Nina Dotti