Paty Rodríguez

Ecuatorian artist Paty Rodriguez owns a degree in Visual Arts and has been part of several showrooms such as “El imaginario social del suicidio de los poetas de la generación decapitada. Poesía y música como transmisores de estados” (2016), also before that one she attend to The Ecuadorian congress of cultural management, UNT and House of the Ecuadorian culture “Benjamín Carrion” in 2014.

In terms of solo exhibitions, she presents herself at the Tola Cultural Center, with the video art exhibition Azul in Ibarra, 2017. Rodríguez has a long background in collective exhibitions, for example, she was part of the Salón Caraqui/Fábrica Imbabura, at the II collective exhibition of visual artists, Colors of Imbabura 2016 and El Cuartel Cultural Center, with Ibarra creative mirrors exhibition.

“Nature” by Paty Rodriguez a for the #MNMF2018 

In “Nature” the artist explores the memory, the subconscious mind and the constant seeking for the beauty in nature.

“Water and voice courses in our veins; everything that lives [in the world] is water. The memory moves forward from our subconscious, it keeps the vitality of the survival. The constant seeking for the beauty in nature. Painters, photographers, scientist, and artist have inspired in it. Although, if it gets destroyed, everything would have been a dream, a memory from the past when there were water and nature.”

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As part of the Curatorial Program #3, “Nature”, by Paty Rodriguez will be at the following venues: 

 Paseo Wynwood (Miami, Oct. 10)

Concrete Space (Miami, Nov. 10-Jan. 15)

Macro Asilo, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (Rome. Nov. 2–4)

Librería Mamey (Santo Domingo, Nov. 8)

Rome Art Week – Final Party Borgo Ripa (Rome, Oct. 27, 8pm)