Maria Peña Coto 2017

Maria Peña Coto

Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. 2007-2013 Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Development at the same University. 2013-2014 Master’s Degree in Political Communication and Digital Marketing at Next International Business School, in Madrid, Spain. (Granted). 2016-2017(ongoing) Santander Bank Scholarship at University of São Paulo, School of Communications and Arts. 2011 Erasmus scholarship at The University of Arts of London. 2012.

Country: South Korea

Project Title: Great Walls

Proposal Summary: Great Walls documents a performance in which I walked in heels for 3 hours blindfolded with scarves a part of The Great Wall of China. My only cues were friendly voices and the music from a violin and cello to guide my steps. On the scarves were written various words representing gender obstacles I’ve often experience in my lifetime. I was symbolically facing the boundaries associated to my gender.

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