Martina Testen

Martina Tersten (Slovenia) works in the field of video and contemporary art practices. Her artwork incorporates various aspects of digital video and photography into projections while maintaining a focus on the conceptual aspects of defining moments in time. Recently Martina participated at the festival Numerique e Poetique in France,
Videofestival Natures in Slovenia and presented her sound sculptures at the World
Listening Project.

Her artwork maintains the focus on the conceptual aspects of defining moments in time, while incorporates digital video and photography into projections.

Before The Eyes” for the #MNMF2018

Martina invites us to wonder what is the place of man in the destruction of the environment. “Before The Eyes” was produced in collaboration with Simon Šerc. On their words:

“The premonition of spore power and fragility of giants creates a feeling of weakness and a fear of being trapped into multilayered systems. The stringing of events almost runs out of time to make an impression. The connection of particles is not interrupted by the jeopardy of solitaires.”

As part of the Curatorial Program #3, “Before the eyes”, by Martina Testen will be at the following venues: 

 Paseo Wynwood (Miami, Oct. 10)

Concrete Space (Miami, Nov. 10-Jan. 15)

Macro Asilo, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (Rome. Nov. 2–4)

Librería Mamey (Santo Domingo, Nov. 8)

Rome Art Week – Final Party Borgo Ripa (Rome, Oct. 27, 8pm)