Victoria Araujo

Victoria Araujo (Venezuela-United States) is an experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. Skilled in Color Printing, Typography, Book Design, Mac, and Journalism. Strong arts and graphic design professional with a Diseñador Graco focused on Visual Communication at the Institute Prodiseño.


Water” by Victoria Araujo for the #MNMF2018

Araujo took her GoPro Hero Session 5 and drone DJI Mavic Pro (Managed by Arturo Chang) to the ocean. She captured accumulated trash “that is drowning us.” “If we do not take action, we are on the verge of losing the most important source of life on this planet.” The video was shot on the beach. Just one day was enough to witness how much trash we are surrounded by.

Follow Victoria Araujo on Twitter: @vicks_araujo

As part of the Curatorial Program #3, “Water“, by Victoria Araujo will be at the following venues: 

 Paseo Wynwood (Miami, Oct. 10)

Concrete Space (Miami, Nov. 10-Jan. 15)

Macro Asilo, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (Rome. Nov. 2–4)

Librería Mamey (Santo Domingo, Nov. 8)

Rome Art Week – Final Party Borgo Ripa (Rome, Oct. 27, 8pm)