Concrete Space Events

Miami New Media Festival 2018
Events at Concrete Space

Address: 3400 NW 78th Ave, Doral, FL 33122


November 10 at 4pm. Opening

Miami New Media Festival

Through January 15 2019


Curatorial Program #1  Water Landscape, Environment, and Heritage.

Curatorial Program #2  Video Art and Robotics + New Media + Virtual Reality

Curatorial Program #3  Guest Artists + Open Call Selected Artists

Curatorial Program #5  FIU Emerging Art

Curatorial Program #7  Nodo CCS Video Festival Selection

Curatorial Program #9  Drown/Drought



Xavier Cortada

Arctic Ice Paintings

North Pole Dinner Party


Christo Guelov

Orange Rings


Cheryl Maeder

Submerge, La Mer, I Am Climate Change


Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

WaterViz, a Water Visualization Project


Jonalex Herrera & Liz Pasillas

La Promesa


Isaac Cordal

La Comédie Humaine


November 15 at 7pm

WaterViz: The Art and Science of Water Journeys

Panel: Cheryl Maeder, Xavier Cortada, Lindsey E. Rustad (Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study & Forest Service Department of Agriculture)


December 1 at 6pm

Video conference with artist Nan González about her installation “Titanes de Hielo”.



December 8 at 7pm

Talking About Water in the Creative Process

Panel: Cheryl Maeder, Xavier Cortada, and Nina Dotti